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Top Outdoor Upgrades to Enhance Your Home’s Value

Top Outdoor Upgrades to Enhance Your Home's Value

There are several measures and hacks you can use to enhance your home’s value. Real estate experts recommend maintaining your house in top condition regardless of whether you plan to sell it immediately or not. Modifications to interior design, internal repairs, remodels, and renovations can play a vital role in boosting your home’s value.

Additionally, you may also consider external installations like deck installations and landscaping. There are many things you must do before selling your home, and even more you should do. It is recommended you consult expert real estate consultants, brokers, or agents for suggestions on upgrades and renovations to enhance your property’s value.


Landscaping improves the quality of your outdoor living area. Additionally, landscaping ensures proper grading and drainage on your property. It’s recommended you seek professional help from American Landscapes LLC to landscape your yard.
The experts will identify and assess your requirements and do what’s necessary to enhance your outdoor living spaces.

Landscaping experts may also offer comprehensive lawn maintenance services. Regular lawn seeding, sodding, and maintenance can facilitate weed control.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pool installations are excellent ways to upgrade your exterior. Homes with pools can certainly fetch better prices than homes without pools. However, there are several plumbing-related factors you need to consider before installing a pool.

You will need to figure out your water supply requirements and mechanisms. You may also want to get detailed information on how the pool may impact the rest of your landscape. If you decide to build a pool, you should also consider installing an electric pool cover or set up a pool enclosure over the pool.

Tile Installations

There are many things you must do before selling your home, and even more, you should do. If your driveways or pavement is uneven or cracked, you may consider tile installations. Tiles can enhance the smoothness and overall appearance of your home’s exterior.

Whether you choose natural stone tiles, paving tiles, or concrete tiles, it’s critical to choose high-quality tiles that are weather damage resistant. Your real estate agent or consultant can educate you on the most popular tile choices among buyers in your location. Your driveway, pavement, or front yard are possibly the first things prospective buyers are likely to notice when they visit your property.

Deck and Patio Installations

Deck installations can enhance your property value considerably. Stats show that over 77% of potential buyers reported they preferred houses with integrated decks. Adding a deck to your home may seem like a considerable investment. However, studies also show that deck installation projects can recover up to 105% ROI during a home sale.

Decks and patios are ideal relaxation spots and help add a touch of luxury and glamour to homes. Wooden decks can also make your home look elegant and extravagant. It’s recommended you choose cost-effective deck building material.

Landscaped patios can raise your home value by up to 13%. Additionally, since patios are low-maintenance installations, it’s unlikely you’ll incur significant maintenance costs on patios.

Wrap Up

Your real estate consultant or agent can help you choose suitable outdoor upgrades to enhance your property’s value. It’s also critical to consider your budget and expected ROI from the project.

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