Top Places to See in Toronto

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Being the largest and most beautiful city in Canada, Toronto is one of the most famous and exotic tourist attractions globally. The capital city of Ontario is a beauty to look at and home to a few of the most famous museums and art galleries. So, if you ever plan to visit Toronto, you should consider visiting the below-mentioned places.

The best time to visit Toronto is around April to May. During peak season, hotels and flight ticket prices increase rapidly. You can visit travils to get the best deals on flight and accommodation for the Toronto trip.

CN Tower

The height of the CN tower is 553 meters and is one of the tallest buildings in Canada. You will be able to use ethos building from all over Toronto. The view and the whole experience at the top of the tower are breathtaking and magical. If you don’t want to enjoy the picture at the base of the building, you can climb up the tower and take in the view of the busy streets of Toronto. There is also an edge walk option that is available if you are feeling more adventurous.

Royal Ontario Museum

It is one of the most sophisticated museums across the entire nation. It’s known for its excellence and the outstanding collection of artifacts that are preserved here.

People visit Toronto to experience the rich history and culture of the Museum. From the early 15 AD’s to now, the Museum is home to decades worth of old preserve. Today this building is one of the most recognized areas by both the locals and the tourists in Toronto.

Ripley’s aquarium

As told before, there are many tourist spots at the base of the CN tower. The Ripley’s Aquarium is one such beautiful attraction. It has an underwater tunnel with a glass-packed surrounding so that you can look at the water species up close. It also has a moving sidewalk. You will have a first-hand experience of watching sharks, fishes, and other sea animals gliding past you. The knowledge and the excitement are as close to reality as it comes with safety measures set in place.

Toronto zoo

If you love animals and everything to do with them, then you must visit the Toronto Zoo. It has over five thousand animals from all over the world. The species are rare to look at, and the whole experience is a fairy tale come true. You will see lions, hippos, tigers, giraffes, elephants, leopards, and many other exotic creatures. You can ask me why the zoo is very famous. It is because of how organized it is. Multiple sections in the zoo are fixed to a particular area and the animals that are found there.

Entertainment district

With significant production centers, the area is always bustling with crowds. There are music concerts, drama shows, concerts, stage performances, and many more. Here is also a chance that you might encounter a few very famous broadway celebrities when you take a stroll along the streets.

The town is straightforward to navigate. That is primarily because standout landmarks everywhere make it easier for you to remember your way.

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