Top qualities of a good cook

Becoming a good cook can bring many benefits: you can put together tastier, healthier meals. While many people don’t enjoy cooking and simply do it to survive, there’s a section of the population still interested in the culinary art. Read on to find out the top qualities you need to be a good cook.

Weighing ingredients

A survey by cookware company Circulon has explored the qualities of good cooks in the UK. And the results reveal qualities you can try and develop to become a better cook. For a start, 22 per cent of good cooks don’t weigh ingredients. Instead, they’ll ambitiously throw ingredients together in search of something special.

Cookery books

54 per cent of good cooks use cookery books for inspiration when they’re making a meal. This doesn’t mean they’ll follow the recipe strictly, but it is a good starting point when you’re beginning a meal.

Cookery programmes

Similarly, 43 per cent of good cooks found inspiration from food TV programmes. This could be a way of getting creative ideas flowing or a way of finding new recipes to try.

Herbs and seasoning

Another skill that sets good cooks apart is knowing how to use herbs and seasoning. 55 per cent of respondents said they’d knew exactly the right amount to use. It can be difficult to pick up this innate skill, but practice and experimentation can help.


But there are ways of learning to become a better cook. To start with, by using the correct equipment you can immediately improve your cooking. For a start, by purchasing non-stick pan sets you can avoid burning food when it sticks to your cookware. On top of this, you should buy a good set of knives. It can make all the difference to your cooking when you can quickly and accurately chop up ingredients.


Creativity can help make you a good cook too. This doesn’t mean you should chaotically throw random ingredients together, but it can help if you use a little flair and try new combinations of ingredients. If you’re searching for inspiration cookery books and TV shows can help.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail can help you become a better cook. Even if you have the finest ingredients and recipe, small mistakes can ruin a dish. Ensure that you know exactly how you’re preparing and cooking your meal prior to starting.

Becoming a good cook takes plenty of practice and effort. But by following the habits of good cooks and by following the advice above, you should find that you steadily create tastier and healthier meals over time.

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