Top Reasons a Dog is a Man’s Best Friend

Top Reasons a Dog is a Man's Best Friend

Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend for as long as people can remember. They’re animals that provide immense joy to their owners for as long as their lives allow. They also have different breeds that have different temperaments. There are dogs that are good for a family and there are dogs that are not. The owner must research their preferred dog if they will be able to handle whatever temperament that dog possesses.

You have probably owned a dog, and loved the feeling it gave you. It made you compassionate and loved, and even considered its presence more acceptable than humans’. Here are several reasons a dog is a man’s best friend:

They Love You 

Dogs love their owners—as long as their owners treat them right. They show you the same amount of love that you show them. And you can feel it through the way they snuggle you, protect you, and enjoy your company all in all. Their love will only be shown to you if you care and love them the same.

They Protect You 

Some people get dogs for added protection, and this rings true as dogs are known for their protectiveness. They protect the family that they are living with. Dogs are willing to risk their lives to ensure that you are protected. They sense danger from miles away and will bark loudly while you’re asleep to warn you whenever they sense danger. You may also notice that whenever you’re taking a bath, they stand guard outside the door because they believe that you are in your most vulnerable state.

Their protectiveness is innate. They won’t hesitate to put their lives on the line even if it means saving yours. In addition, dogs are also fiercely loyal. They won’t ever leave you wherever you go, especially if your life is in danger.

They Make Great Companions 

Dogs are social animals and will want to be around people as much as possible. Thus, this makes them great companions. If you are living alone, dogs can be a perfect companion because they will eradicate your loneliness. Whenever you’re sad, dogs will be your shoulder and will offer you company throughout the night.

They Motivate You to Be Healthy 

Dogs need to be walked now and then to improve their social skills. This will motivate you to go out and exercise as well. Whether it’s jogging or walking, you’ll be exercising either way. When you’re out, you’ll be meeting a lot of people outside, and you should make sure that your dog is well-mannered to avoid accidents. As much as possible, they should undergo a training program for puppies while they’re still young to root positive behaviors. You don’t want to wreak havoc at the park when you’re walking your dog.

Don’t isolate your dogs because it’s the main reason for their rabid behavior—aggressiveness, refusal to listen to you, etc. Get them out of the house whenever you can. Go to parks, beaches, or whatever places allow dogs, and let them socialize with other people and animals.

They Make Us a Better Person 

Dogs are a big responsibility because you have to take care of them and make sure that their needs are met. In doing so, it makes you compassionate and responsive to your dog’s needs. You’re literally responsible for them whether they live, get sick, or die, it’s on you. You have to exhibit affection, care, and love aside from food so that they survive.

That’s why, before buying a dog, you have to assess over and over again if you can sustain their needs. The dog will not survive if you are not ready to own one. The food, their health maintenance, the mandatory walks and plays, and so much more. If you think you’re ready to commit to all these responsibilities, you can look for puppies for sale and get your own dog today.

Sometimes, dogs are better than people because they want nothing from you except your company. They don’t say and do things that hurt, and their goal is to make you happy. They don’t think of ways to hurt you.

But before you decide to own a dog, you have to consider their needs, the consequences, and the overall responsibility of owning one. You can’t expect them to display the positive traits mentioned if you’re not treating them right in the first place. Assess yourself if you are ready financially, emotionally, and physically. You can’t just decide to own one on a whim just because you want to. You might want to observe your friends first on how to care for a dog before owning one.

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