Top Screen Recorder to Record YouTube Videos

Top Screen Recorder to Record YouTube Videos

Screen Recording is not an easy task, especially when you make some tutorials for your YouTube channel. To record your desktop or laptop screen, you always need a screen recorder.

We have seen a trend of online learning from the past couple of years, mainly due to the pandemic. For making online tutorials, the majority of people have made the YouTube channel. For uploading videos on YouTube, you need a screen recorder.

A wide range of screen recorders is available. Most screen recorders for windows offer a free trial, and some of them are entirely paid. Is there any free screen recorder to record YouTube videos?

Yes, iFun Screen Recorder is a completely free screen recorder that will surely help you make tutorial videos. iFun screen recorder allows you to capture everything on your screen without spending any money.

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IFun Screen Recorder

The world is becoming more and more digital, and for every business, the presence on social media platforms is compulsory. Many small educational businesses refrain from investing in screen recorders to make video tutorials. To help them grow their business, here comes the iFun Screen Recorder.

Why IFun Screen Recorder:

Many people usually confuse before choosing the best performing screen recorder. They don’t know what exact features they will get in a screen recorder or online screen recorder.

We have chosen the iFun screen recorder as the best screen recorder to record YouTube videos based on the following features.

  • While working with other screen recorders, you might find their watermark on the recorded videos. But, this is not the case with this iFun screen recorder. You can record your desktop screen without any watermark
  • No one will watch a low-quality video on YouTube. This screen recorder allows you to record high-quality HD videos.
  • Most of the premium screen recorders have limitations in recording time, but you will get unlimited recording time using the iFun screen recorder
  • iFun screen recorder permits you to record your screen’s specific area, and you may use the Facecam.

After comparing it with other screen recorders, we found that this screen recorder gives premium features completely free of cost.

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Features of IFun Screen Recorder

Let us quickly introduce the fantastic features of this iFun screen recorder.

Facecam Compatibility

If you have watched any educational tutorial on YouTube, you have seen the tutor’s face in a video. Many cheap screen recorders don’t offer this feature. In the iFun screen recorder, you can record your face using the Facecam function. This function makes this screen recorder a perfect partner for your tutorial videos.

Customized Screen Recording

iFun screen recorder allows you to record either the complete screen or any part of your screen. Record your videos today and upload them in the future without showing the date from your screen, thus keeping your content fresh.

Screen Recording in Multiple Formats

You may know that there are different video formats and all devices support not every format. This iFun screen recorder allows recording in 12 different output formats.

Record the Audio

A YouTube video tutorial without audio will be of no use. Using iFun screen recorder, you can record your audio with the screen using your system mic or a portable microphone.

Efficient Recording

If you have already experienced any screen recorder, you may find the lag while recording, but this is not the case with the iFun screen recorder. It utilizes only a tiny portion of your CPU, thus provides a smooth workflow.

Final Words:

Either if you have a small business on YouTube or running a large YouTube channel, this iFun screen recorder will surely help you in different ways.

Record your screen, do basic video editing and directly share on your social media without spending a single penny. The iFun screen recorder is the top screen recorder to record YouTube videos based on all such features.

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