Top Show to Binge Watch in Singapore Today

Top Show to Binge Watch in Singapore Today

Are the most unlikely couple ever destined to be together? The dynamic Korean film industry has this year given us another controversial film. Based on the original Webtoon by Soon Ggi, Cheese in The Trap is a perfect blend of endless love defying society’s confines amidst different backgrounds. There is no better way to grasp the film’s gist than by watching the trailer. It was previewed on January 4, 2016, and the 16-episode film has become a darling for many. Director Lee- Yoon-Jung ensures you are glued till the end with twists at every episode that evokes.

The show begins humorously as one of the protagonists, Hong Seol, falls to the floor. Soon enough, you are transported to the university where Hong Seol and her lover Yoo Jung study. Yoo Jung is the perfect student with good grades, smart brains, athletic, and good looking. However, Yoo Jung has skeletons in his closet that Hong Seol learns to face. The Cheese in The Trap trailer shows Hong Seol, a student from an impoverished background who works part time to make ends meet. She studies diligently, intending to improve her status. However, she meets senior man Yoo Jung. In the trailer, it shows You trying to make life unbearable for Hong Seol. Later on, Seol learns that Yoo Jung is responsible for settling arrears; she is perplexed about Yoo’s intentions. These two blend perfectly and complement each other throughout the film. It would be best if you watch the trailer before buckling up for a ride full of emotional, academic, and financial challenges and triumphs.



Cheese in the trap trailer summarizes the diverse emotions and values director Lee-Yong-Jun intends to evoke. Some of the useful insights worth noting are:

· Confidant Relations- As Yoo Jung gets a change in heart partly because of the return of his childhood friend, Baek In Ho, he draws closer to Hong Seol. Seol is a fit match for Yoo’s ruffian nature, and soon they are kindred spirits sharing whatever emotions they feel. Yoo Jung supports his female counterpart in her education, and in return, Hong Seol brings out the best in Yoo Jung.

  • Reciprocation- When watching the film, you may initially label Yoo Jung as the film’s villain. While there is some truth to it, Jung is a mirror of society. He reciprocates what has been dealt with in equal measure. His interaction with other kind-hearted cast softens his heart.
  • Mixed Feelings- Unlike many films, Cheese in The Trap does not have the typical happy ending. Initially, the show depicts a utopian relationship that is marred by conventional challenges. However, in the end, there is a twist that adds to the expected outcome. Watch Cheese in The Trap trailer till the end to find out what twist ends this romantic film.

Top Show to Binge Watch in Singapore Today


Cheese in The Trap is a magnificent film to binge-watch during this pandemic. It is a great family pick, as it portrays the various challenges families and couples face while aiming for ultimate happiness. Cheese in The Trap Trailer, coupled with information from this article, is the perfect prelude to a seamless watching experience.

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