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Top Tips To Keep Animals From Stealing From Your Garden

You’ve probably experienced the dismay and perhaps despair of finding your plants destroyed. While it’s possible to argue that it’s simply nature, the truth is that animals have plenty of other options. Unfortunately, the fruits, flowers and vegetables you’ve spent so long growing are simply too tantalizing for them.

However, the good news is that there are ways in which you can stop animals from getting into your garden or, if that’s not an option, from stealing your produce.

It should be noted that if you have a large number of pests, you’ll need to speak to your local pest control company. They can help you eliminate any issues and protect your hard work in the future. If you’re not sure who to contact then just click here.


Most pests don’t like pepper but it won’t do any harm to your plants or you when you pick your crop. All you have to do is find a hot pepper sauce, the hotter you can get the better. Hot pepper sauce can be mixed with roughly the same amount of dish soap. This ensures no damage is done to the plants and helps the sauce to stick to the leaves.

As mentioned, it won’t affect the plant, but animals don’t like it, they will stay away.

Top Tip: If you’re just looking to protect your garden in general then spray this mixture on all the plants bordering your garden.

Try An Alternative

Pests target plants because they like their flavour. However, there are always some plants they prefer. You can speak to your local pest control company and they will guide you regarding the best plants to distract the pests in your garden. All you have to do is plant them near the plants you’re trying to protect and let them do their work.


One of the best ways to keep animals out of your garden is to have noises that will scare them. In most cases, animals and birds will scare easily. You can hang wind chimes near the plants you’re trying to protect, or you can leave a radio on which will create a variety of different sounds.

Cover Them

Pests are pretty good at finding a way to the tastiest plants. If they are still attacking then you may need to cover your plants. This can be in a greenhouse or by making a canvas tent. It can also help to raise the flower beds. This makes it harder for many animals to reach the plants, especially if they are covered.

Make It Prickly

Most animals will avoid prickly plants because they are likely to hurt. That means you can surround the plants you want to protect with prickly plants and the animals will leave them alone. There will be easier pickings elsewhere.

While all the above methods will help to keep pests out of your garden, it is advisable to speak to your local pest control experts first. They can help guide you to ensure the animals don’t bother you again.

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