Top Trends in AAA game development


About 60 years have passed since the development of the world’s first computer game.  In fact, this is not so much relative to the age of our planet or the total amount of time that human history has existed, but during this period there has been a real super-dynamic leap that makes us wonder what awaits us in another 60 years in the field of game development a games.  From a primitive image of a dotted rocket and dot stars, we have grown to a character detailed to every hair, which is surrounded by the most realistic world, which sometimes even becomes uncomfortable from the understanding that this is not real, but virtual.

 Naturally, as we understand that from the moment of that very game (which, by the way, is called Spacewar and was released by a team of MIT students) until today, a huge number of reforms have taken place in this area  and every year we are surprised by something.

So back in 1990, a term appeared that exists to this day and it is AAA games or Triple A. This is a special qualification for games that are different from the usual ones. The differences are in the advertising company, total revenue, development and popularity.  Usually, these are the most anticipated games that gamers around the world are waiting for.  One of the first such games was Fantasy VII. What has influenced the development of games in recent years?  Of course, the first is the covid pandemic.  Since 2019, when everyone actively closed their homes alone with their gadgets, the demand for a variety of games has tripled.  Due to the coronavirus force majeure, the industry will generate over $190 billion by the end of 2022.  Just imagine how much money that is!  Even imagination is not enough to describe this amount!

In this article, we want to introduce you to the latest trends in AAA game development. 

1. graphics beyond possibilities. 

The main goal is to strive for the most realistic transmission of the picture, so that it is virtually indistinguishable from our reality.  To do this, developers come up with hundreds of techniques and operations.  Now the standards are as high as possible, since even photorealism is a necessary norm for the game.  In this regard, active investment in engines and various technologies that are responsible for instant task processing. We recommend that you follow the link in order to feel all the professionalism! 

After all, games in good quality are true art, since more than half of the success of the game depends on quality. And behind the quality there is always a qualified professional who skillfully copes with the techniques and knows where you need to create assets, what needs dimming and shading, and where it is not worth making bright lighting at all.

2. Engines are at the top of popularity. 

When creating Triple A games, it became mandatory to use engines!  This innovation has come recently and has been a great development solution.  The thing is that without engines, there is a colossally incorrect distribution of resources and time is wasted on secondary things, it would be possible to save money on the account. AAA rank game is not a mini project, but a global task where every minute and second is worth its weight in gold so providing a basic that saves you from building it from scratch is a necessary measure.

3. Unreal Engine 5

 The most relevant decision in 2022 when creating a AAA game.  It just combines and provides the game with photorealistic characteristics , and most importantly, it does it quickly!  That is, this engine is a real diamond, among all engines.  He immediately solves all pressing problems

4. Amazon Lumberyard. 

If we already know how to endow the game with super quality, now your attention will be a tool that will endow it with maximum functionality and this is Amazon Lumberyard. 

5. Developers. 

There are many new and relevant ways to put together a team to develop a game.  Those who are responsible for certain actions are the keys to the success of the result.  It is important how qualified and dedicated a person is to his work and also what experience he has and how it can be confirmed.  For all the details, click here and dive into this topic!

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