Waters Co BIO 1000 bench Top Water Filters in Australia

Top Water Filters in Australia

Around 2000 contaminants have been discovered in Australian tap water. 2000 is a large number when it comes to directly risk your family’s health through the water you drink. Especially in the tedious times of today, where the world is amid a deadly global pandemic and staying clean is the only precaution you can take. More significantly on your drinking water in any scenario, compromising on health is extremely dangerous, more amid a pandemic. Therefore, you need a water filter as soon as possible, and there is no better option than the Water Co BIO 1000 water filter.

An overview of the Waters Co BIO 1000 water filter:

Made of hand-blown silica blue glass, with a capacity of 10L, and a filter set life up to 15000 liters that is five years, the bio 1000 water filter is the best one available out there considering its features and its price amongst other things. Coming in two beautiful colors: black and grey, the filter provides you with a design and features you can use in your home or workplace.

Before this was the water co bio 500 and water co bio 400 models, they had a smaller capacity of 5.25 liters and, as you will see, had only 13 stages of filtration compared to the 15 stages of the water co bio 1000, making it a more suitable option for your filtration needs.

The powerful, all-magical filtration system:

With the rapid rise in industrialization and the recent Australian bushfires, the level of contaminants in the water has increased significantly. That is why the bio 1000 water filter comes with 15 stages of filtration, including an activated silver ionized carbon, pre-filter membrane, coral minerals, ion exchange resin, far infrared, silica, bioceramic, and magnets to altogether remove pollutants like heavy metals, lead, chlorine, pesticides, fluorides, bad taste, and a displeasing odor as well. The 15 stage filtration system alkalizes and ionizes the water: the infrared ceramics present in the water bio mineral pot filter turn your water into activated alkaline water with negative ions (anions) incredibly beneficial for your health and a pH of 7.4-8.5.

Of course, for a process with 15 stages and cleans your water up to 99.9%, the filters used in the process are diverse and unique. The filter consists of sub-micron pre-filters for removing dust, dirt, copper, and bacteria. Then comes the bioceramic filter, which adds minerals to the water and ‘activates it’ to prevent germs and pathogens from spreading.

In the first stage, carbon resin filters further remove chlorine residues, insecticides, pesticides, and other heavy metals, fluorides, and bacteria. Then comes the far infra-red diskette, which puts in Ki (life force energy) to make the water alkaline. Lastly are the primary filters, and sub-mineral cartridges, which remove the chemicals if any left and add 60 bio organic trace minerals to the water, respectively.

The intricate and highly advanced filtration system makes the water co bio 1000 one of the leading filtration systems to use, and the water co bio 1000 reviews five stars. If you still had any doubts, the filter comes with a lifetime warranty and is highly affordable with alkaline mineral water for only around 3 cents per liter.

The numerous health benefits:

As you saw, the water filter with its developed filtration system, including the water bio mineral pot filter, produces water that is alkaline, full of minerals, activated with negative ions, and magnetized. Each of these properties has unique health benefits for you in-store. Let’s take a brief look at them.

Benefits of activated water:

  • The filtration materials and stages used in the bio 1000 water filter are many, including the far-infrared ceramic layer discussed above. This layer is made of a blend of different metallic and non-metallic substances. These have gone through a temperature up to 900 degrees Celsius to 1300 degrees Celsius. Consequently, the ceramic contains Ki (better known as Chi) which is the life energy that goes into you when you consume the water from this filter.
  • The overall Ki presence and minerals present in the water help your mental well-being and are proven to increase your physiological activity, making you more focused and sharp.
  • Sweating is an essential system of your body that helps you cool down and remove excess water owing to the thermoregulatory process inside you. The activated water is also known to regulate perspiration, overall improving your thermoregulatory process.
  • It is also an excellent pain reliever because of its constituents and therefore helps you sleep at night more peacefully as well.
  • Heavy metals like lead can be hazardous if they enter your body. The water filter removes all such metals from the water beforehand, and the filtered activated water also aids in eliminating such heavy metals from cells inside your body.
  • The suppression of germs is another effective property of the water. This suppression also leads to a reduction in skin diseases owing to germs like acne.

Benefits of negative ions (anions):

Have you ever had the fortune of traveling to a forest, waterfall, water fountain, grassland, mountain, or other such scenic areas? Then you must be aware of the feeling of calmness and freshness that you experience in such areas. That is because of the abundance of anions in places like these.

The far infrared layer in the filtration system of the water co bio 1000 is also responsible for adding around 2000 anions to the activated water, which are highly beneficial to your health.

  • The anions in the water make cells more active, increasing the amount of immunoglobulin present in your body. This increase strengthens your immune system.
  • By working on the cell membranes, the anions provide cells with oxygen amongst other nutrients and aid them in getting rid of the waste carbon dioxide.
  • As anions are absorbed into the bloodstream through the water, they cause fatigue causing substances to decompose and consequently helping you overcome feelings of fatigue that might hinder your work.
  • The absorption of anions into the bloodstream is also beneficial because they purify your blood by bringing it from an acidic to the basic healthy level.
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