Trade Shows: Why Your Business Should Attend and How to Attract Attention

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From travel and tourism to the latest tech, Christmas gifts to bridal shows, there are trade shows of every size for every sector. With the lifting of lockdown restrictions in the UK they are now back up and running in real life instead of solely online, it’s the perfect time to get your business back out there.

While you have to pay for a stand at many trade shows and on-the-day sales might not recoup that outlay, attending can be lucrative for business in the long term if done correctly.

Here are just some of the benefits of attending a show and how you can really capitalise and captivate your audience.

The benefits of a trade show

Raise brand awareness

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your brand. With over 835,000 new UK businesses registered from January 2020 to January 2021, getting your brand out there is imperative for its success – especially for start-ups. Raising brand awareness at a trade show is relatively straightforward, especially if you place an advert in the show brochure.

Create business contacts

For any business to succeed, it needs great contacts. Trade shows are the ideal place for you to meet like-minded people and forge long-lasting and ultimately beneficial relationships.

Check out competitors

A sector-specific trade show gives you face-to-face contact with all your competitors. Take the time to research them ahead of the show and walk around the stands while you’re there. Look at which booths are performing well and which ones aren’t. Understanding what draws the crowds and what pushes people away can help you hone your own offering.

Attracting attention

Of course, for your stand to be a success you need to attract the right attention.

Personalise your stand

A great way to entice people to your stand is to do something that no one else does. Creating a personalised area with your brand name and graphics clearly displayed on a roller banner is a quick and easy way to customise your stand.

Entice with a game

A simple way to generate interest and, more importantly, leads, is by running a contest. Whether the prize is a gift voucher or a free sample of your product or service, the key to a successful game is that you take contact details and add them to your database.

Create a place to relax and unwind

Trade shows are often set in large convention centres and can be busy and overwhelming. Create a cosy corner for attendees to relax and unwind in with carefully placed products and advertising materials for them to browse.

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