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Transform Your Homes With Brooklyn SolarWorks: An Ultimate Guide

Revitalising your home is not an occasional endeavour; it yields far-reaching benefits. Making subtle adjustments to the design, updating paint colours, and giving your home a rejuvenated appearance isn’t merely about change. When infused with technological advancements, a home transforms and incorporates sustainable practices.

A prime illustration of this situation is the installation of solar panels in your home. Envision harnessing nature’s finest resources to generate your electricity, simultaneously saving money by circumventing monthly bills. The optimal choice for solar solutions is Brooklyn SolarWorks, a leading solar installation company. This article will delve into a comprehensive exploration of Brooklyn SolarWorks and the array of services they offer.

Brooklyn SolarWorks: Mission

The firm was founded in 2015 and worked vigorously, intending to revolutionise the accessibility of solar energy for urban Brooklyn. As we’re well aware, Brooklyn is a bustling city. Therefore, installing many solar panels can greatly enhance electricity generation.

Distinguishing from contractors tailored to suburban models, the company pioneers innovative design, installation methods, and unparalleled knowledge of the city’s regulations. BSW is committed to making solar a practical and financially rewarding choice for homeowners in the unique urban landscape of Brooklyn.

It involves innovating entirely new design and installation techniques tailored to the distinct features of the local housing stock. It requires extensive and unparalleled proficiency in the city’s intricate code, zoning, and permitting regulations. Additionally, it entails developing a customer service approach that goes beyond client expectations in one of the world’s most valuable and sophisticated real estate markets. Brooklyn SolarWorks takes each step towards this goal.

Brooklyn SolarWorks: Focus and Expertise

Unlike most solar companies that expand outward into new territories, Brooklyn Solar Works takes a different approach. They grow by delving deeper, block by block, within the neighbourhoods they already serve. Over 90% of their 1,000+ completed projects are concentrated within 15 Brooklyn zip codes, all accessible from their headquarters within 10 minutes. This hyper-local focus fosters a profound understanding and connection to the communities they serve. They are also responsive and accountable to their customers during and after installation.

The residential solar boom has predominantly thrived in suburban areas, leading to conventional design methods tailored for large, detached homes with pitched roofs. However, small, flat roofs and shared walls pose unique challenges for Brooklyn townhomes. Flat roofs, while suitable for storage, come with restrictive fire codes, and in dense urban environments, neighbouring buildings can cast shadows, affecting solar productivity.

In response, Brooklyn SolarWorks has pioneered innovative, locally adapted methods to overcome these challenges. Notably, their patented Brooklyn Solar Canopy is an award-winning solution to make solar viable and practical on flat roofs in urban environments.

Services Offered by Brooklyn SolarWorks

Let’s now explore the services offered by BSW.

●     Solar Panel Installation:

Brooklyn SolarWorks provides a versatile selection of top-tier solar panels. Comprehensive solar options offered by them are:

  • Residential solar
  • Commercial Solar
  • Condos & Co-ops

●     System Design:

BSW has a diverse, sustainable-minded, and experienced team. They analyse the property and design custom solar systems tailored to each property’s unique characteristics, maximising energy production and system efficiency.

●     Permitting and Approvals:

BSW takes full control of all necessary paperwork and permits, and BSW ensures a seamless and stress-free installation process.

●     Financing Options:

They provide flexible financing options, including $0 down payment plans, to make solar energy accessible to everyone.

●     Monitoring and Maintenance:

They offer ongoing monitoring and maintenance services to ensure solar systems operate at peak performance.

Benefits of Choosing Brooklyn SolarWorks

Here are the benefits of choosing BSW to install solar panels in your homes.

●     Reduced Energy Costs:

Switching to solar power leads to significant long-term savings on electricity bills, and BSW offers the best service for this purpose.

●     Increase Energy Independence:

Generate your electricity for greater independence from traditional energy sources and unpredictable grid fluctuations. It ensures stability and predictability in energy costs, protecting you from unexpected price increases.

●     Support Local Business:

Choosing Brooklyn SolarWorks means supporting a local company dedicated to sustainability and community development.

●     Increased Property Value:

Incorporating solar panels into your home boosts its value, accelerating sales at premium prices while championing sustainable living. Benefit from an enhanced property market presence and a positive environmental impact with Brooklyn SolarWorks’ solar energy solutions.


In conclusion, Brooklyn SolarWorks provides comprehensive solar solutions. They offer a Solar NYC calculator, enabling you to calculate potential solar savings. Their products are durable and high quality, constructed with materials from industry-leading suppliers. Moreover, they provide flexible payment options, allowing you to assess your financial situation and analyse the lifetime value of the system.

So, empower your home with Brooklyn SolarWorks – where sustainable innovation meets quality, ensuring a brighter, greener future for you and the planet.

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