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Translation challenge

When expanding a business abroad, translation of documents is required. For those for whom a foreign language presents a challenge or rather – For individuals who are not multilingual or in instances where an accurate translation is required, translation and localization services are the solutions. Online translation tools like Google Translate or DeepL can provide decent translation for day-to-day and informal communication. However, they will not pass the accuracy test when it comes to conveying a strongly nuanced message. This is where the services of a specialised translation agency come into play.

Best translation services

The solution to the problem with a high-quality translation will be to contact a translation services company. They carefully check the text for any errors and correct them. The must-have qualities of the best translation services are fast turnaround, a thorough revision leading to the correction of any errors and adaptation. The translated text should sound natural in the target language while preserving the meaning, style and tone of voice of the source-language text.

Cheap translation services

Translation services are essential in brand promotion. When advertising to a global audience, translation can make or break a brand. This is why you must ensure your marketing message is translated accurately and flows naturally in the target language. Done right, translation can help you reach a larger audience and bring more international clients to your doorstep. 

Two stages are required to ensure laser-focus precision and style consistency in the translation: translation and revision. While all the “manual” work is completed at the translation stage, style harmonisation, adaptation, and thorough linguistic quality control are performed at the revision stage when all misinterpretations are ironed out. 

Sometimes, when there’s a need for quickly rendering the message from one language to another, one can use transliteration, which converts text from one language to another.

Marketing translation services

When developing a business abroad, you need to promote an advertising campaign to the required audience. Correct marketing translation is vital. The text should be translated so that it resonates with the target audience and calls to action. This is where localization and transcreation make every difference. 

While localization is the process of idiomatic adaptation and harmonisation, transcreation is more like literary translation, the creative translation of the marketing message so that it makes sense to an international audience. Translation agencies like Pangea Global can change the game for your brand. Contact us and find out how we can make your brand soar across borders.

Information Technology Translator

The advent of new technologies, especially in the IT sector, has widened the gap between usability and applicability worldwide. English is no longer a universal business language. Not in today’s global context. In turn, this birthed a new concept – internationalization. Hence, the demand for information technology translation services has skyrocketed in recent years. The role of the information technology translator is crucial in transferring knowledge to global users in their native language.  

Technical documentation, user guides, and product specifications are essential to understanding functionality. Any terminology misunderstanding, not to mention, mistranslation results in misuse, equipment damage, and ultimately, bad user experience. To avoid that, resorting to the professional services of an IT translation agency like Pangea Global, which can vet the translation quality, can spare you all this hassle.

Translation agency

Official contexts require a certified translation, such as court cases, representations before government organisations, or trade registries. Official document translations can only be executed by a sworn certified translator or a translation agency employing certified translators. Their expertise in translating legal content such as contracts, affidavits, memorandum of associations and the like is unbeatable. They ensure accuracy and consistency in style and terminology and guarantee quality. In such cases it’s always best to opt for the error-free solution and get in touch with a translation agency for your official translation needs.

Localization and translation services

We cannot stress enough the benefits of localization and document translation services for developing your business abroad. There is a big difference between translation and localization. Localization is a service with a deeper analysis and text change for a specific region. When using localization services, the audience feels that this product was created especially for them.


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