Travelling with family: What are the benefits?

Travelling with family: What are the benefits?

“The world is your oyster”, so why not travel the world with your family? From the jungles of South America to the beach retreats in South Africa and the magic of China; there is a world outside your window waiting for you to see. While it may seem like a large task to travel with kids, there are numerous benefits that make it worthwhile. This is also why many families take a first class flight to have more room and space for their kids.

What are the benefits of traveling with your family?

Family Bonding

Sharing new experiences with anyone has been shown to be a strong bonding element. This sharing of new experiences with your family can help to create strong bonds within your family. By focusing on spending time together, learning and traveling, you can grow closer as a family. Building up strong bonds with your kids while they are still young can be invaluable as they grow up and go through difficult times.

Global Education

The world is a diverse place filled with several cultures and various ways of life. While we can read about much of this in a textbook or see it in a movie there is something unique about experiencing another culture for yourself. Whether it is a foreign cuisine or other rituals, one can learn about and learn to respect other people’s beliefs and practices. This in turn can make you a more educated and worldly citizen.

Allowing your kids to experience new cultures and places can help them to become more worldly even at a young age.

Appreciate the Little Things

While it is easy to assume that the expensive things in life and the luxury travels make the best memories, it is often not the case. The little things are what create memories that last. It comes down to experiencing new activities and places together, like Sunshine Coast tours, regardless of the cost.

Start appreciating the little things with your kids like time together, time in the sun or fun activities like a cooking class. This will help you to appreciate the small things in life as a family.

Life Enriching  

Travelling has been shown to be life enriching! Travelling teaches your kids the importance of making memories and creating life experiences. Independence, self confidence and even interpersonal skills can be learned and practiced while travelling abroad.

Further than this, travelling can also help to inspire your kids. This can lead them to create through art, writing, photography and more. Allowing them to explore new ways to express themselves.

Top Places to Travel with Your Kids

Now that you know why you should travel with your kids, the next question is where you should travel with your kids. With so many places to travel around the world, the choice can seem challenging! Here are a few places to choose from:

Nairobi Kenya

While at first glance you may think this is not the best place to go with kids, here is why you should go. Nairobi is the centre and hub of many kid friendly attractions including many Safari’s and conservation sites like the Giraffe centre.

Havana, Cuba

Havana is a place filled with beauty, culture and excitement. With many attractions that are great for families including a four floor planetarium, picnic spots and even crazy gold. Havana is the place to go if you want to have fun in the sun as a family.

North Island, New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country that does not often rank as high as it should on travel guides. The North Island of New Zealand is particularly beautiful with many places to explore. Attractions include bubbling hot pools, glow-worm caves and even scenes from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has often been voted as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and for good reason. From the rolling mountains that surround the city to the skyscrapers that fill it. The city is lively and rich in both culture and history. A great place for kids to learn and appreciate other cultures.

Florida, USA

Florida in the USA is known for its Sun. The coast is a great place to relax from your family. From Disney World Florida to the Kennedy Space Centre, there are so many attractions that it is almost impossible to do it all in one trip! 

With the world being filled with new experiences to have and places to see, why are you waiting? It is a great idea to travel with your family as it allows you to grow closer together. Travel together to become smarter, closer and more appreciative! 

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