Tropical Wedding Ideas That Will Transform Your Big Day Into an Oasis

Tropical Wedding Ideas That Will Transform Your Big Day Into an Oasis

Whether you’re having a wedding in Seychelles, on your local beach, or in your backyard, you can easily turn an ordinary reception into a tropical oasis with a few simple touches. This article includes a few tips and tricks you can use to make that island paradise wedding a reality, no matter where you decide to have it. 

Read more to find out how you can quickly turn your wedding reception into a tropical oasis with simple additions to the decoration and small changes to the dress code. 


The easiest way to hint at the tropical theme is to use vibrant colors in the decorations. Adding reds, oranges, blues, and greens to the table decorations and backdrops gives a beautiful nod to the island theme without going overboard. 

To really give that tropical feel, you can add a range of tropical flowers and plants. Proteas, Palm leaves, banana leaves, Bird of Paradise flowers, pineapples, and Monstera leaves all give a tropical feel with just a few touches. You can use these tropical plants and flowers for decoration, over the wedding arch, on the table, or in bouquets. You can also use shells and more beachy items to give that island paradise feel. 

Desserts and Bar

As mentioned above, you can use tropical flowers and leaves to decorate desserts like the wedding cake. A popular way is to have a totally white cake with pops of color using edible flowers or leaves. Some cake artists can even create tropical flowers from fondant to really bring the theme to life.

Tropical fruits are another great way to decorate your table and an excellent addition to the snacks table. You can also use tropical fruit to decorate and flavor your desserts and drinks for a truly island vibe. 

Coconut, banana, and pineapple flavored drinks and desserts are a popular choice at tropical weddings. You can also have the bar serve delicious tropical cocktails for your guests to enjoy.

Programs and Menus

Desserts and decoration aren’t the only uses for tropical plants. You can write out your program or menus on banana or palm leaves. Gold calligraphy on these deep green leaves looks elegant and works as decoration and as functional items. 

If you’re having a tropical-themed wedding, you’re likely to have it in the summer, and you don’t want your guests to overheat during the reception. Program fans are a great way to do this. You can laminate and attach the programs to a handle so the guests can use it as a fan during the ceremony. If you need flower decoration you can check out this well-known company for flowers delivery.


There’s a bunch of ways you can hint at a tropical theme with your wedding favors. Pineapple, coconut, or beach-themed favors are trendy choices. Items like bottle openers, shell-themed items, sea beans, and other beach or tropical themed items can be given as favors to guests to help keep the tropical theme and thank your guests for coming. 

You can also give them water bottles, flip flops, beach towels, SPF lotion, or sunglasses if you’re having a beach-themed wedding. If your guests have to travel for the wedding, something like a luggage tag could also be a great gift. 

Dress to the Theme

An excellent way to keep the tropical theme is to keep your dress code beachy. A beautiful, light wedding dress is a great way to keep yourself cool and comfortable. You can also make your bridesmaids look festive by choosing beautiful leaf prints or bright colors for their dresses. 

Keep your dress code casual and colorful. Shoes are optional, and bare feet or sandals are the best ways to keep yourself and your guests comfortable and keep that vacation feel. You can even ask the guests to show up in their beachwear. 

Tropical Wedding Ideas That Will Transform Your Big Day Into an Oasis


Give your special day something extra and live out your wildest island fantasies with ease. Use these tips and tricks to make your wedding look and feel like a tropical paradise. You can make the reception look like a jungle with beautiful flowers and oversized leaves. You can even decorate the walls and tables or make it look like a beach oasis with sand and shells and flowy, colorful clothing. 


Adding some tropical plants, flowers, colors, flavors, and textures to your decoration and menu can give the perfect island feel without becoming tacky. You’ll feel like the queen of your own tropical oasis, and your guests will enjoy the laid-back atmosphere more than any other stuffy wedding reception. 


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