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What Are the Different Types of Cockroaches That Exist Today?

There are over 4,600 cockroach species currently living around the world. Though we may hate to admit it, they are incredible creatures, with amazing qualities we could learn from.

But when you’re sleeping, we doubt these qualities cross your mind. This is because cockroaches love dark, and warm spaces, which are often our bedrooms. If you ever find one in your house, we hope you know the difference between all the different types of cockroaches.

Today, we’re exploring the different cockroach types, their habitat, and how to keep them out of your house.

Oriental Cockroaches

The Oriental cockroach (or black beetle) can grow to be up to an inch long and has a black, glossy exterior. The female of this species is usually a bit longer than the males, with broader bodies and a reddish hue at their bottom.

Oriental cockroaches tend to prefer dark, moist locations; the males usually hang out around sewer drains, and the females can be found hiding under logs or leaf litter.

Dubia Cockroaches

Dubia Cockroaches, also known as Tropical Cockroaches and Scientific Name Blaptica dubia, are small to medium-sized cockroaches native to Central and South America. They have an omnivorous diet, meaning they will eat both plant-based and animal-based food sources.

Dubia cockroaches’ starter colonies are very popular because they reproduce quickly but in a controlled way. A female Dubia Cockroach can lay up to 20 oothecae, which each contain up to around 40 eggs, allowing you to control the size of the population while still providing enough food sources.

Death’s Head Cockroach

The Death’s Head cockroach is a unique species found mainly in Europe and parts of Asia. This species has a black body with distinct yellowish markings on its head and thorax. By puffing up its abdomen, it can make itself appear menacing.

Unlike other species, the Death’s Head cockroach does not rely on humans for food and habitat, as it prefers to live and forage in dry, sunny environments, such as in gardens and wooded areas.

Australian Burrowing Cockroach

The Australian Burrowing Cockroach is a cockroach species that is found predominantly in the southern half of Australia. It is known for its burrowing behavior and is usually found living beneath the ground near riverbanks.

This species doesn’t have wings like some of the other cockroaches, and it tends to remain inactive in the winter months. It is the rarest of the burrowing cockroaches and is generally considered to be harmless.

European Burrowing Cockroach

The European Burrowing Cockroach is native to Europe and is also known as the Apthenuta crenata or the “Up & Down” Cockroach. It’s one of the few cockroach species that is able to dig tunnels and move subterraneanly.

Its body is a light yellow-brown color, has two dark stripes on its pronotum, and is about 7-10mm in length. Despite this relatively small size, these cockroaches can quickly move underground when disturbed.

The European Burrowing Cockroach is not considered a household pest, and so it is lesser known than the larger, more common roaches. It is, nevertheless, an interesting and unique species, and one of many types of cockroaches that exist today.

Learn the Different  Types of Cockroaches Today

Overall, there are many types of cockroaches that exist all over the world today. Some, like the American or Oriental cockroach, are more common than others.

To learn more, investigate the habits and behaviors of the various cockroach species. This knowledge can be beneficial in understanding and controlling them.

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