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Types of Industrial high bay LED lighting fixtures and why to choose them? 

Types of Industrial high bay LED lighting fixtures and why to choose them? 

Industrial high bay LED lighting fixtures are among the most preferable and perfect solutions for industrial settings. High ceilings and a challenging industrial environment require steady lighting fixtures to keep things bright.

Illumination of a working environment is essential as it sets the mood and inspires the worker to put in their inspirations to work. If you want your workers to give their 100% and work efficiently without any hassles, choosing the perfect lighting for the space is convenient.

Industrial high bay lighting fixtures are used in areas with ceilings higher than 20ft. Most gymnasiums, industrial manufacturing facilities, aircraft hangers, warehouses, etc., use high bay lighting. They are specifically designed to offer high-intensity light so that it can be dispersed around the greater area.

If you are in search of industrial high bay lighting fixtures, then Lepro is your answer. You can find a variety of high bay lights, and you can choose the type according to your requirement. Here are the most common types of high bay lighting for you to choose from.

Types of Industrial high bay LED lighting fixtures and why to choose them?

  • UFO Shaped High Bay Lights

These UFO-shaped high bay lighting fixtures are round, but their saucer-type look gave them the UFO identity. These round UFO-shaped lights have a single contact point and are the simplest high bays to install to the ceiling.

Rounded high bay LED lights generally have a 120-degree spherical light beam angle. This relatively wide beam dispersion enables extensive yet intense lighting. These are ideal for open spaces such as factories, supermarkets, sporting venues, warehouses and retail businesses, and even aircraft hangars.

  • Linear High Bay Lighting

The chances are that you may have experienced linear high bay lights more often in your life. They’re the lighting fixtures you find in almost every supermarket and warehouse. They are intended to resemble T8 bulbs, although they don’t have any similarity.

Linear lights are ideal for massive structures since they cover a larger area at once. Linear high bay lights can be long and thin or long and broad. Long linear high bay lights are the ideal solution if your area includes many aisles or shelves. You may put the lights over every gallery to ensure that all of your products are lit and easily visible.

  • High Bay Vapor Tight Fixtures

High bay vapor tight light fixtures are utilized in situations requiring illumination from about18-foot-high ceilings to give brightness that distributes down and towards the floor. They are specially built to endure severe interior and exterior conditions.

LED high bay vapor tight fixtures are often utilized in places with a lot of dust or humidity because they are closed in a gasket to prevent its inner components from gases, dust, humidity, corrosion, and damage. Indeed, since they are enclosed to keep moisture and particles out, they are simple to clean with a sprayer or power washer.

Why Choose High Bay LED Lighting Fixture?

  • Energy Efficient

LED’s’ cost-effective energy efficiency is frequently cited as a motivator for businesses to purchase high bay LED light fixtures. They use considerably less energy to provide the same lumens per sq foot since they lose just 5% of their power to heat.

Furthermore, most traditional light sources at warehouses and manufacturing facilities emit light in all directions, thus requiring higher brightness. High bay LED lights offer the same or more illumination more efficiently.

  • Easy Maintenance

LEDs have a longevity of over 50,000 hours, a lot more than that of traditional lighting. This means less money wasted on replacing lights over time and less time wasted on replacing the bulbs. Changing high bay lighting frequently necessitates extra time and specific equipment, such as ladders, catwalks, and mechanical lifts, to access the light fixtures securely.

  • Uniform Lighting

People who choose high bay LEDs over traditional lighting alternatives experience an 8% boost in lighting uniformity. When you switch on LEDs, you instantly receive the illumination you desire. There is no lag, and the lights never fluctuate or dim. You may turn these lights on and off many times, and there will be no issues with luminous flux.

When selecting lighting, it is critical to keep your objective in mind. If you own a retail business and sell to clients, the lighting in your business might influence their purchasing patterns. LED high bay lights 200w will illuminate all of your items in a vast business facility. If you have a smaller area or want milder illumination, LED high bay lights, 100w may be the answer.

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