Types of Liposuction Surgeries

Types of Liposuction Surgeries

Liposuction is the process of removing excess fats from your body. As the definition suggests, you can undergo liposuction in almost any part of your body, depending on your preference. In most cases, the patients opt to undergo general body liposuction surgery and change the areas of their choice. In this article, we will explain the popular types of liposuction surgeries you can have. Keep reading.

Face Liposuction

In your face, you can alter different areas depending on your choice. Some of these places include:

  • Cheeks: Some people have chubby cheeks that they are uncomfortable with,which is where liposuction comes to the rescue. Of course, since the face is a sensitive area, it is essential for everyone to feel good about it. The liposuction surgery will focus on eliminating the fat and delivering a flat jaw.
  • Double Chin: It is no secret that a considerable number of people have a double chin. As much as this feature is okay to have, some people aren’t comfortable with it. Fortunately, laser liposuction is an excellent choice to eliminate the double chin.
  • Jowls: Elderly individuals often have a thick jowl. It is a result of fat accumulation in the lower part of your face. Eliminating this fat via liposuction delivers a good result that looks like a facelift.

Upper Body Liposuction

One of the most popular liposuction surgeries many people are currently undergoing has something to do with the upper body. Why? Because many people are sensitive about these areas. Some of the areas you can undertake this cosmetic surgery include:

  • Breasts: Women can undergo breast reduction liposuction or breast fat transfer, depending on their preference. You can discuss with your doctor depending on the type of result you want for your breasts.
  • Bra-Bulge: this situation is something many women are dealing with, and liposuction is the most effective way to deal with it. Why? Because fat in this area never seems to reduce even after going on a diet or taking up exercise.
  • Upper Arms: Extreme weight loss or old age can result in flabby arms that don’t feel great. Individuals with such situations can consult a liposuction surgery to fix the issue.

Lower Body Liposuction

Another popular area that many people often undergo liposuction is the lower body. Some of the areas include:

  • Tummy Bulge: Many women retain a tummy that doesn’t feel the extreme exercises after delivering a child. However, liposuction will help these women regain their pre-pregnancy figures. Note that the modern liposuction techniques, the process is safe and straightforward.
  • Buttocks: It isn’t advisable to remove fat from your rear. But, you can transfer more fat to your buttocks. The liposuction surgery will give you the best rear as per your taste and helps you deal with a saggy butt.
  • Outer thighs: The outer thigs are common target places for liposuction surgery. After the surgery, the thick thighs tighten up, delivering a unique and elegant look. The surgery isn’t risky, and the results are excellent.


A liposuction surgery offers you a chance to achieve the body shape of your choice. The surgery is safe and poses no danger to the patients, thanks to the latest technological innovation in the field. This article highlights some common areas you can undergo liposuction. Check out the information above.

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