Ultimate Guide to Casino Bonuses: Claim your free money when playing at online casinos

Ultimate Guide to Casino Bonuses

The best online casino offers bonuses and promotions. Online casino bonuses are a must! So you can imagine that the best online casino also offers the best exclusive bonuses. Promotional offers should always be accompanied by their terms and conditions which should be clearly displayed. It may happen that you wonder if a bonus is not a scam, in order to be sure you need to know if the casino is reliable. Bonuses should be diverse but also of high quality. This article will guide you through several types of bonuses that you should find and claim at the best online casino.

No deposit bonus

The most popular bonus in online casinos, the no deposit bonus can be a real opportunity. Indeed, this type of bonus can take many forms and must always be accompanied by precise conditions of use and withdrawal. This type of bonus is awarded to the player without the need for the player to make a deposit on the casino site. This is also known as a free bonus. Since these are bonuses that are really interesting for players, they are not offered by just any online casino. Here are the two most common no deposit bonuses of the moment 토토사이트.

Free spins

Free spins

Here is a type of no deposit bonus that is often associated with pokie or judi slot. This free spins bonus can be offered by the online casino following the welcome bonus or after some actions that the player will have to perform. Free spins are free slot machine spins of a predetermined value that allow players to play for free.

Since a pokie or slot game is actually a spin, free spins are free games. Free spins are usually credited directly to a slot machine chosen by the casino or by the player. As for the conditions for withdrawing free spins, the online casino often imposes either a withdrawal limit or a wagering requirement before the winnings can be withdrawn. These are usually not too strict conditions for free spins winnings. However, it is primarily a bonus offered by the online casino so that the player can discover the game offers.

No deposit money

Here is a kind of no deposit bonus that is highly sought after by players. It is a bonus that allows you to play at the casino for free while winning real money, which is reason enough to stir your passions! The “purest” form of this type of bonus is the awarding of a sum of bonus money to the player before any deposit is made at the casino. This way, the user can explore the game offers without having to pay out of his own pocket, but still, make a profit. All casinos are far from offering this kind of bonus, which has to be subject to a lot of conditions in order to prevent the online casino from making too many losses because although the principle of a no deposit casino bonus is that you can get real money for free, the reality is a bit different. For example, you can’t withdraw your winnings without making a deposit at the casino, as this is considered money laundering by the authorities. Thus, even the best casinos offering this kind of bonus prefer to see it as a good way for players to discover the casino games rather than as a real source of winnings.

Sign Up Bonus

A sign up bonus, also known as a welcome bonus, is a bonus offered by an online casino site to attract new players. The purpose of this bonus is to get as many players as possible to sign up for an online gaming establishment. If the offer allows the online gambling establishment to attract new players, it must be said that it is a boon for the punter to boost his capital in order to enjoy a more lucrative experience. There are different types of such offers and they vary from one casino to another.

It is rare to find an online casino that does not offer a welcome bonus. Indeed, all casinos know that this is the best way to bring new players to their online gaming site. The welcome bonus is, therefore, a real must, often in the form of a deposit bonus. This means that following the first deposit at the online casino, the player receives a percentage bonus on the deposit amount. Of course, the welcome bonus is usually subject to wagering requirements, but they still allow you to win money at your favorite casino.

Sometimes the online casino may even decide to offer a welcome package. In this case, a percentage of bonus money is offered to the player following his first three deposits at the casino for example. Alternatively, the online casino may also combine different types of bonuses, offering a deposit bonus for the first deposit and free spins for the second deposit for example.

Regular bonuses

While the welcome bonus helps to attract new customers, regular bonuses help to retain players. These are usually exclusive bonuses that the online casino offers at different times of the week and can take different forms. Here are the types of bonuses that are common at the best online casino NZ:

  • Deposit bonus: This is usually the form that the welcome bonus takes. The online casino offers to give bonus money that is calculated on the amount of the deposit made. This kind of bonus is usually not tied to too many conditions, except for wagering requirements. It allows the player to play at the casino longer and win more by spending less.
  • Free Spins Bonus: This is a free spins bonus offered either as a result of a deposit or as part of a promotional offer. This casino bonus is credited directly to the slot machines and allows players to win without spending.
  • Cashback Bonus: This bonus allows you to cushion your losses. In effect, the online casino refunds you a portion of the real money you have lost during a given period. Cashback bonuses such as “10% off your losses for the week” are common. These bonuses are usually subject to conditions similar to those of the deposit bonus.

Loyalty Program

The best online casino in New Zealand rewards loyal players. To be the best online gaming site, it is not enough to offer many bonuses. Indeed, there is another version of promotional offers that allows retaining players more effectively. Here are the offers that casinos reserve for their elite players: VIP Program

Do you like to play big at your online casino? Find out if there is a VIP program that will give you access to even more generous and exclusive bonuses. The most reputable casino sites always offer a VIP Club, the conditions of which differ from one establishment to another. Sometimes an online casino will ask players to make a significant deposit or simply to pass the levels of the loyalty program if there is one. Here are the main benefits offered by the VIP programs of almost all online casinos:

  • Possibility of an exclusive birthday bonus
  • Exclusive VIP offers (e.g. bonus improvements)
  • An increase in withdrawal limits
  • Priority processing of withdrawal requests
  • An increase in deposit limits
  • Privileged access to a personal account manager

As its name suggests, the loyalty program of an online casino aims to retain players by rewarding them. All the establishments offer different offers, however, it seems that the new casinos have converged towards a formula that appeals to New Zealander players, in particular, quite simply, when you go to bet or wager in real money on the online casino, you collect loyalty points. The accumulation of these points allows you to pass levels. Each level contains a new status for the player with different bonuses or promotions becoming available to him. The player can sometimes become a VIP member of the online casino after reaching a certain level of the program, or he can earn a certain amount of loyalty points for spending a certain amount of money, which can then be used to get real money.

Generally, this kind of loyalty program does not pay very well. It often takes 100AUD to get one point and then 100 points to get 1AUD… it’s not really profitable. So prefer an online casino that offers bonuses in terms of gifts.

Our conclusion on casino bonuses

Now that you know everything about casino bonuses, we hope that you would take advantage of them and enjoy playing at your favorite online casino! However, be sure to check the terms and conditions of the bonus casino to make sure that you are not doing something that could justify the removal of the bonus, such as an early withdrawal attempt.

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