Understand the Psychology of Logo Shapes for Better Reach

Understand the Psychology of Logo Shapes for Better Reach

A logo happens to be the most powerful tool through which one can promote their brand. Before you choose renowned logo makers like barber logo maker or any other potential online tool, it’s important you understand what psychological effect logo shapes leave on people.

The color and shape of your logo leave a vast impact on making your brand a successful one. It attributes vastly to the perceptions, emotions, and thoughts of the makers and influences what a customer thinks about you.

So, if you’re planning to make a logo for your brand, read on! Here we will give you a vivid idea about understanding the psychology of logo shapes.

Different Logo Shapes and Its Psychological Effects

When a person looks at colors and shapes, they go through several psychological processes. And that attributes to several perceptions, thoughts, and emotions, which resonates majorly with the customer’s minds.

So, if you wish to make a much more meaningful logo design, read ahead! The list below will give you a complete idea about the logo shapes and what psychological effects it leaves on the human brain.

Let us check out the following:

1.    Unique Shapes

The shape of your logo is the most important factor. The human brain is designed in a way that it can memorize a shape quite well. You will notice yourself remembering a unique shape for quite a long period of time, and that’s exactly how our brains work.

So, when you’re thinking of creating a logo for your brand, make sure you go for something unique and different from what others have produced.

Let’s talk about brands like McDonald’s, Adidas, or Nike. Don’t you look at their logo and know what brand it is? Well, it is unique, and people know exactly what brand you’re talking about without even looking at the name. So, try to incorporate unique shapes when thinking about designing your logo!

2.    Circles

When you incorporate a circle into your logo, you’re basically suggesting partnerships, resilience, and strength. For example, let’s talk about the Olympic rings. The logo itself explains so much about the five continents being united. Also, it is a never-ending circle. However, if the logo had triangles instead of unending circles, then the message conveyed would be completely different.

3.    Triangles

When you’re thinking of putting triangles in your logo, you must keep in mind that the diagonal lines imply danger and energy. You will find several science, laws, and religious logos to have triangles in them.

And this shows superiority and power. Also, triangles go well in the masculine market. So, first, know your brand well and then settle for a logo design.

4.    Squares

Squares are usually considered by logo makers as one of the most reliable shapes. Apart from a square, you can add horizontal and vertical lines, which will create a balance of reciprocating reliability. However, you need to ensure you don’t make the square look absolutely boring.

If you do not use the right color, effects, and shades, you might end up making your logo look extremely boring.

5.    Curves

Curves usually tend to give a comforting and positive response. It can reflect friendship, love, protection, care, and tenderness. At times, people use curves to show a smile and to even promote the happiness present in using the brand.

6.    Diagonal Line

Diagonal lines usually trigger the subconscious mind as it implies something exciting and energetic. It’s a subtle way of expressing and showing that the brand needs to be heard and seen.

Apart from that, diagonal lines also have rapidity and dynamism. However, you have to be careful with the number of diagonal lines you’re using, as too much use of these might result in showing something dangerous.

7.    Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Both horizontal and vertical lines are safe to use if you’re thinking of designing a logo. They tend to have a calming and soothing effect, which gives a perfect balance of tranquility, stability, and strength.

However, too much use of horizontal lines might reflect aggression and threat. So, you have to know the perfect balance before using these for your logo design.

Final Thoughts

As we are approaching the end of our blog, I hope you know exactly how important every shape is and what effect it leaves on human psychology. So, use these wisely before implementing them into your logo design.

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