Understanding The Basics Of Crypto Trading

Top 5 Apps for Trading Cryptocurrency In 2021

The popularity of cryptocurrency has reached a global scale, and it keeps on getting better. Since crypto holders can do many things with their assets now, more and more people are starting to switch from traditional assets to crypto. Despite the risks present in cryptos, such as volatility and regulations, it didn’t affect the spirit of investors, and they still pushed through. Back when crypto was still new to the market, people took their chance on investing and fast forward today; most of them are already sitting on a fortune. 

If you are new to the crypto space and you want to approach it in a different way, one of the effective alternatives in earning crypto is through trading. Crypto trading might share a few similarities with traditional assets, but there are still plenty of things that differentiate them from another. One of the essential things to know about cryptocurrency is that it is highly volatile. One night the value could be high, and come the next morning, it plummets. 

If you want to start trading with crypto, it is also essential that you learn about crypto first, as well as which cryptos are good to invest in or trade with. If you are not aware yet, there are now thousands of different cryptocurrencies you can choose from. It’s worth mentioning that new generations of cryptos can be beneficial if used for the right purpose. So, in this article, we will go over through a brief guide on what you need to learn and know if you decide to start trading with crypto today. 

What Is Crypto Trading?

Your ears have probably perked up at the sound of another opportunity to make money with cryptocurrency. It all lies in trading your crypto coins and assets – though you don’t know how to do that, do you? It’s a bit of a sketchy pass time to do since cryptocurrency has inherent volatility. Still, as long as the trades are timed right, then the returns you get may be more significant than what you gave out – so it’s always your win.

Crypto trading is pretty self-explanatory – it’s in the name, it’s trading your crypto assets. Bringing it back, trading in itself is the process of buying and selling goods in exchange for goods and services – where the buyer has to pay compensation for the bought goods. However, there are some cases where goods and services may be paid back with an equal value of goods or services, hence a trade.

You’ll Need A Cryptocurrency Brokerage Account and Fund It

If you’re still new to the whole cryptocurrency thing and you haven’t set up any accounts for your crypto buying, exchanging, investing, selling, and trading, then that would be your first step into the crypto trading journey. Create an account with a cryptocurrency brokerage; think Coinbase, eToro, immediate edge or Gemini if you’re going to start in this step of crypto trading. 

Creating an account with a crypto brokerage would be similar to creating an account with a stock brokerage. You’re going to need to hand over some of your personal information to create a unique identification just for you. If you’ve already got an account, then all you’re going to need to do is to put some funds into your account. You can do so by buying some cryptos through credit/debit cards or even bank transfers.

Choose The Cryptocurrency You Want To Invest In

Other than the two obvious choices to invest your money into, Bitcoin and Ethereum, you’re going to need to do some extensive research about the different crypto coins so that your money won’t fall into evil hands – to prevent losses. It would be riskier to invest in the lesser cryptos since they aren’t as stable and predictable as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You should set aside a smaller amount to invest in the lesser-known cryptocurrencies since these are the kinds of cryptos that would have a higher chance of turning in a profit for your investment. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, there are now thousands of crypto available in the market, and some of them were developed for a specific purpose. That’s why, before you choose crypto, make sure that you could benefit from it as well and not base your decision entirely on what you see from other people.

Choosing A Good Strategy

Cryptocurrency has been around for quite a while now; you can be sure that some people created some plans and strategies to minimise their losses and boost their gains. It would be best if you followed along with their strategies. Don’t get carried away though, what they invested in might not be the same as what you’re going to invest in, so maybe tweak their plans to match up with yours. Consider taking courses too.

Creating a good strategy before you approach crypto trading is also important since it could determine the path of your trading journey. Like we’ve said, crypto trading might share similarities to other assets, but there are things that you shouldn’t do in crypto, like what you would normally do in other assets. For instance, when you decide to buy crypto, you should do it at the right time. Volatility in crypto trading can be used as an advantage but only at the right time. This strategy can be applied as well when you start selling cryptos. Selling at the right time when the prices are right can earn you a high profit. 


Don’t forget to secure yourself a place to store all of the cryptocurrency that you’ve bought, earned, and traded. It would just be a massive bummer to one day find that all of the hard work you’ve done has gone to waste. Please do some research on the different kinds of crypto storage you can use, they have different uses, and you’re going to need to find one that best suits you.

So, if you decide to start trading, choosing a good crypto exchange can also help you with your startup. Now that there are tons of cryptos in the market, there are also tons of exchanges that you can use. One thing to keep in mind when choosing an exchange, choose the ones that are reliable and the ones with a great security feature. 

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