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Beyond Storage: The Unique Uses for Shelves Around the Home

Unique Uses for Shelves Around the Home

Shelves are often associated with their conventional role of providing storage and organization, yet they hold so much potential for creative and innovative applications around the home. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that a great shelf can be put to use.

Vertical gardens

Shelves can work great in a vertical space as a base for a lush and vibrant indoor garden. By using potted plants, succulents, and cascading vines onto shelving units, you can create some epic greenery displays that will breathe life into any room. Not only do vertical gardens enhance air quality and promote relaxation, but they also infuse spaces with a refreshing touch of nature.

Display showcases

Whether it’s a curated gallery of vintage vinyl records or a rotating exhibit of handmade ceramics, a Ferm Living shelve can provide a focal point for displaying and highlighting cherished possessions. By arranging items thoughtfully and playing around with accent lighting, you can transform a shelve into a display that reflects your personality and interests.

Workspace solutions

For home offices or creative workspaces, shelves can offer one of the most versatile solutions for organizing supplies and maximizing productivity. By installing floating shelves above desks or workstations, you can keep essential tools, reference materials, and inspirational objects within easy reach. Built-in shelving units such as alcoves or wall niches will also make a perfect storage option without sacrificing valuable floor space, creating a clutter-free and conducive environment for focused work.


While shelves are the perfect storage solutions, they also have endless opportunities for creativity and innovation in interior design. From vertical gardens and display showcases to workspace solutions, these versatile fixtures are a great tool to reimagine your living space and express your unique personality through imaginative shelving solutions.

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