Useful Tips To Sell A Used Mattress

Useful Tips To Sell A Used Mattress

A lot of mattress owners plan to sell their old mattresses to purchase a new ones. However, it is not easy to sell your used and old mattress. The process involves researching local regulations, and laws, setting a realistic price, effectively marketing the bed, and locating a buyer.

In this article, you will learn some easy steps to get rid of the old mattress.

What Factors Impact The Sale Of The Mattress?

Several factors can impact the market value of any used mattress:

  • Its period of usage is the major factor that determines its resale value. Older mattresses fetch lesser values than the newer ones
  • Frequency of usage
  • The physical condition, visible sagging, and stains, on the mattress.
  • The brand and reviews of the mattress
  • Seller perks (pick-up only or delivery included services)

When Should You Sell The Mattress?

One of the key reasons why a person sells their mattress is to replace it with a top-rated mattress. It could be when they do not find their existing mattress suitable for getting desired sleep experience and want to replace it with another innovative mail order mattress.

The average lifespan of the mattress is about seven years. So, if your mattress has gone over a minimum of five or six years, then it is probably not worthy of being sold. This is because such mattresses would not get you any price and will not help the recipient as well. So, if you find that your mattress is over 5 years, it is better to discard it than to sell it. Or check out Best Mattresses 2023 to get new mattress.

Steps To Sell A Mattress

Here is the step-by-step instruction for using a mattress:

Check Applicable Laws And Regulations

The sale of a used mattress is subjected to far more laws than any other household. This makes it important to learn about the statutes and rules of the city. In a majority of areas in the US, used mattresses aren’t permitted to be resold.

They should meet specific processing or labeling requirements. So, check if there is any law in the state that prevents you from selling a used item to avoid getting into trouble.

Choose a Shop

The first time selling a mattress is to find a buyer that is willing to buy your used mattress. Identify the places that engage in purchasing and selling second-hand products. However, the downside of choosing them is that they pay money to maintain their profit margin.

Emphasize The Quality Of The Mattress

Another tip is to emphasize the quality of the mattress, especially if it is a mattress made in usa. Highlighting the durability and craftsmanship of an American-made mattress can make it more attractive to buyers who value high-quality products.

Choose The Right Marketing Channel

If you do not wish to sell your used mattress to such shops, then you can also find a buyer on your own and sell it. Effective marketing will help in an easy and quick sale of your mattress. It is critical to select the right platform/path to advertise.

Make sure that the advertising method you choose suits you as well as your target audience. Otherwise, it is going to be a waste of money and time. Some of the best marketing sources are newspaper classifieds, online listings, forums, etc.

Websites that specialize in sleep or mattresses-related products could help you find prospects fast. Word of mouth marketing is another way to get you to the potential buyer. You can also tell your friends and family to tell their contacts about the sale of the mattress.

Specify The Price And Other Details In the Ad

So, if you are legally eligible to sell your mattress then you need to set a good price for it. A fair market price for any used mattress has to be anywhere around 20% to 30% of the original selling price of the mattress.

At the time of describing your used mattress in the advertisement, you need to be honest and truthful about its present condition. It is beneficial to highlight its selling points.

Include the following information in the description part:

  • Mattress Brand
  • Mattress model
  • Mattress size
  • Mattress type (hybrid, all-foam, or innerspring)
  • Materials used (springs, polyfoam, memory foam, or latex)
  • Fabrics used in making the mattress cover
  • The age of the mattress
  • The mode of usage of the mattress (primary bed, or guest bed)
  • Whether the seller was using the mattress with a mattress pad/protector or not
  • Any issues that the seller faced while using the mattress
  • What is the asking price of the mattress and whether it is negotiable or not?


Selling a used mattress can seem to be a daunting task. However, with the right knowledge and implementation of the right steps you can easily sell your used mattress at the right price.

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