Useful Ways to Effectively Grow Your Fanbase and Promote Your Music Online

Useful Ways to Effectively Grow Your Fanbase and Promote Your Music Online

Whether you’re a new artist who’s finally ready to get their music out there for people to hear, or you already have a fanbase and are looking to reach a larger audience – the internet is the perfect way to share your work worldwide! Sharing your music online is not only surprisingly easy, it can also be done very quickly and usually either for free or within a very small budget.

Social Media

Firstly, if you’re hoping to reach the maximum number of people possible, you should start creating accounts for yourself (or your band) across all of the major social media platforms. This means fans will be able to find your music and easily get the latest updates, no matter what their preferred sites and apps are. Some major platforms to sign up for would be; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok (and many more). Not only is this quick and simple to set up, it’s also free!

Many of these sites allow users to upload videos with music, so a good way to promote yourself would be using your own music in your posts. Often, just a few seconds of a great song is enough to start a viral trend, to be seen by millions – your music could be next!

You can also link to your Spotify music on other social media websites to grow your Spotify account.

Social media will also allow for you to connect with those who love your music. Got a live show coming up? You can let your fans know all the details immediately; dates, locations and, of course, where they can buy tickets. Keeping people up to date with what you’re working on is essential in growing your fanbase as it increases engagement and gets people interested and excited about your music.

Apps and social media platforms are incredibly accessible and therefore the content you upload could potentially reach millions of people. One way to increase reach is to encourage your existing listeners to share your music with friends and family – which has never been easier as it can be done instantly with just a tap of a button! So make sure to be active on socials and encourage your fans to let others know about you or your band.

Create a Website

Along with your social media presence, you may wish to work on putting together your own site online. This gives you the freedom and ability to really show off your brand. What type of music do you create and who is it for? Making your website organised and professional while also really representing your music style will definitely increase your fanbase as it gives a good impression of the quality of content you can create!

Online Advertising

If you have a budget for promoting your music, you may want to consider paying to have websites advertise your work. Depending on how much you are able to spend you can keep the ads local and targeted or have them dispersed all over the world and give everyone the opportunity to hear what you’ve got to offer. Advertising through sites like Facebook and Google is very simple and they will even break down the costs and give you an idea of the reach you are achieving.

Go Ahead and Grow Your Fanbase

No matter if you are brand new to sharing your music or have a limited budget, you can achieve substantial growth in the number of people listening using the very effective ways mentioned here!

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