Veterinarians’ Take on CBD Oil For Cats

Veterinarians' Take on CBD Oil For Cats

If you’re an owner of one of the cute felines in the country, you may probably be aware of their sudden loss of interest and anxiousness when they get sick. You may not know what’s wrong, and even a trip to the vets’ clinics was not enough to improve your pet’s conditions.

One product that may be helpful to your cat is called CBD oil. You can check Cheef Botanicals CBD for cats to know more information about this extract. This product is known as cannabidiol, an extract derived from the hemp plant. Many owners have already provided anecdotal pieces of evidence about this where the product has been proven to be effective in treating various ailments that your cat may have.

Vets’ View of Cannabidiol

In general, many veterinarians are cautious when it comes to advising the owners to administer cannabidiol to their pets. This is because of the lack of FDA regulations and scientific research about CBD. There’s also the problem with knowing the correct dose. But you may find that most of them feel that, in general, CBD is safe to consume with minimal side effects.

If you’re one of the pet parents, you should read the descriptions and proper dosage that applies to the breed of your kitty. You should be careful of overdosing and, if possible, increase everything gradually. There may also be situations when kitties became more sleepy than usual or developed a gastrointestinal upset after consuming, but these side effects have stopped over time.

When you see that your cat is displaying positive behaviors after administering cannabidiol, you may also want to know more about the carrier oil that’s been used on the product. Some of these may include palm, coconut, avocado, hemp seed, and olive oil. You can read more about carrier oil in the link provided. Check the ingredients and ask the retailers to see other components and ensure that your pet is not allergic to any of them.

It’s no surprise that many experts in the veterinary world believe that it’s better to rely on conventional and tried medications to be safe. This is because there’s no FDA approval in using the oil, and it makes sense to be careful when choosing a product for your feline.

How to Look for the Right CBD Product?

The first thing that you need to look for is a trusted manufacturer who can provide you with genuine and legitimate products for your pet. You can know that they are trustworthy by visiting their websites, reading the feedback from previous buyers, and seeing the results that other pet owners post on the forums and community threads.

Look for the certificate of analysis and ensure that the extracts were made using the CO2 method. This way, there will be no other harmful chemicals in the mix like propane or butane that can potentially harm the health of your feline. The CO2 extraction method uses carbon dioxide gases that separate the cannabidiol extracts from the hemp plants. When the CO2 is removed, the remaining extracts are pure and free from other substances that may not be safe.

It’s ideal if you can find a company that sources their hemp plants locally. Many farmers are now allowed to plant and harvest hemp because it’s federally legal to do so in the USA. As long as the extract contains less than 0.3% THC, it will not affect your pet’s cognitive functions, but it can provide medicinal effects in the process.

When a manufacturer chooses hemp plants that were sourced internationally, they may be unsure about the fertilizers, pesticides, and plants’ overall quality. The resulting product may not be high-quality, unsafe, and expensive.

How your Cat can Benefit from CBD

  • Get Relief from Pain and Inflammation
  • Decrease Symptoms of Cancer
  • Possibility of Slowing Down the Growth of Malignant Tumors
  • Stress Relief
  • Antiemetic Properties that Diminish Nausea
  • Promote Weight Loss and Control of Appetite
  • Make Symptoms of Epilepsy Subside

Cannabis Plants and Felines

In many cases, you may find out that your feline friend may try to nibble the leaves of a marijuana or hemp plant. It would be best if you never let this happen because raw and unprocessed cannabis plant material is toxic to pets.

According to many trusted sources on the web, there is supporting research that if felines have accidentally ingested the raw flowers, leaves, or stalks of Cannabis sativa, they may experience dizziness or fainting spells which requires an immediate visit to their vet’s clinic. Read more about this on this site: Usually, confinement will happen until the psychoactive effects of cannabis have worn off.

When the plants were processed right and mixed into organic ingredients, this is not the same thing as ingesting the raw leaves of marijuana. Many companies make an effort to attract your pets with flavors that they will love. They may add steaks, canned sardines, tuna, anchovies, chicken broth, and many more.

Incorporate a small amount of CBD oil into their daily diet and make them more accustomed to the taste. If you see that their inflamed joints are getting better, continue with the dose and observe their activities for a week.


Cat owners who want the best for their feline friends may look for alternatives to ensure that their cats stay in good health. They may find CBD oil as alternative supplements, but vets may be uneasy about prescribing these. They need to research more about the products they are buying and administer the doses that the manufacturers recommend to be on the safe side.

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