Visiting UK – What To Do And See

Visiting UK - What To Do And See

If you’re planning a visit, you will know that there is much to see and do in the UK. Many people plan two or three trips to visit all their favourite places in the UK. Since the UK has everything from food, music, and history, to pubs, National Parks, and Royal families, this gorgeous country has something to offer everyone. Now that the threat of the coronavirus is passing us, and everyone is (hopefully) getting vaccinated, you can visit the UK and see the breathtaking isles, mountains, moors, ruins, and castles.

If you’re travelling to the UK for the first time, you may need to apply for a tourist visa. If you do not have the necessary documentation at immigration and customs, you may be stopped. It is best to contact immigration lawyers Bath for help with the correct visa, insurance, and other paperwork.

With so much diversity in the UK, there is much to see and do.

Ride on the London Eye:

Head to the capital, London, and make a beeline for the London Eye. Visiting and riding on this gorgeous Ferris Wheel alongside the River Thames is sure to make your day. Most people book tickets for the London Eye in advance, so there is no delay. The height of this enormous Ferris Wheel is 135 metres and is excellent for a birds-eye view of the city. From the London Eye, you can click panoramic pictures of London and enjoy the gorgeous sights.

Houses of Parliament:

Did you ever want to sit in the debates in parliamentary proceedings? You can do so at the Houses of Parliament. The proceedings are held in the Palace of Westminster, where you can also take a tour and view the various historical artefacts.

Since you would be in the area, you should also visit St. Stephen’s Chapel and Big Ben. Westminster Abbey is also quite close. When planning the visit to the Houses of Parliament, you should leave enough time to visit the rest and complete your trip.

Roman Baths:

You should visit the Roman Baths if you head to Stall Street in Bath (2 hours west of London). Built in 1 AD during the Roman Empire, the Roman Baths are built around the natural hot springs in the area. The Roman baths also house the ruins of an old temple to the Goddess Sulis Minerva.

While it could have been pristine at one time, the water is now green with algae and is not open for public use. The algae are due to direct exposure to the sun over several years. You could visit other thermal baths in the area and bathe as the Romans did.


If you’re in the UK around tennis season, you should definitely book tickets for Wimbledon. Getting a chance to see some excellent players live is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you should not miss. The Wimbledon facility is top-notch, and you can spend the morning or afternoon eating fish and chips and watching some star players.

If you’re visiting when there are no matches, you can book tickets for the famous book and museum tours. There’s also a gift shop with goodies and souvenirs to carry back home.

Visit a Vineyard:

While Spain, Italy, and France are known for their wines, you can also visit a vineyard in the south of England. Many of the local vineyards in this region are known for the quality of their grapes. You can easily book a wine tasting tour and eat at the vineyard restaurant.

Many tourists prefer booking a stay at or near the vineyards for a wholesome experience. If you’re travelling with friends, spending a day or two at an English vineyard can be pretty enjoyable.

Burns Night Supper:

Robert Burns was a famous poet from Scotland popularly known for the Auld Lang Syne. If you’re in Scotland on the 25th of December, you can easily participate in what is known as the Burns Night Supper. This night is meant for neeps and tatties (parsnips and potatoes), haggis, and plenty of poetry.

You can wash all the food down with endless hot toddies and whiskey. While not popularly known, Burns Night Supper is quite famous with the locals who share incredible stories of the ‘old days.’

Apart from just the ones on this list, you can also visit the coffee houses in London, small mom and pop-owned pubs and take a hike through the Enchanting Forest in winter.

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