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20 Best Words And Ways To Appreciate Someone You Know

The appreciation often considered a gesture of kindness, but that’s not all it does. Appreciation acts as an intrinsic motivator and internally motivates you to perform better and keep working harder. Gratitude can be of many types. It can be in the form of a gesture of care, trust, and love, and inspiring compliment or a sign of gratitude. Here are some ways to appreciate someone and how and when they can use it.

Best Ways to Appreciate Someone

1) Well Done

‘Well done’ used to show value towards the person being praised. It indicates that the person has demonstrated excellent performance in his work, job, academics, or in any field of life, and he’s being appraised for it. This expression increases one’s self-worth and value. It acts as a motivational factor for future opportunities.

2) Good Job

‘Good Job’ is an expression of gratitude used to show that the person has done the job well. The position isn’t necessarily a work job but can be any task, challenge, or activity the person has completed. Similarly, several similar phrases have the same meaning and can use in the same context. These include ‘excellent job,’ ‘really good job,’ ‘terrific job,’ ‘amazing job/work,’ ‘job well done,’ ‘great job,’ ‘nice job,’ etc.

3) Way to go

This expression ‘way to go’ is an expression of joy and cheerfulness. It used to pump the person and make him perform even better in the future. Is means that the person has done an excellent job with his task, and he should keep up the superb work.

4) You’ll go a long way

‘You will go a long way’ is just another way of saying keep it up. It means that the appraise in on the right road to success and will go a long way on that road to become a successful person.

5) Well played

This expression of appreciation often used in the context of sports and games. It means that the player has performed well. For instance, in case of a football game, a player scores a goal in the second half of the game and puts his team in the lead, his fellow teammates appreciate him by saying ‘well-played mate.’

nicely done

6) Nicely Done

This expression indicates the completion of a task or activity in an impressive manner. Similar to ‘well played,’ this expression frequently used in case of sports and games but can be used elsewhere too. It used when someone has done an excellent job; for instance, Sara loves cooking, and she baked a unique cake in her first try; her family appreciated her by saying ‘nicely done Sara.’

7) Awesome!

‘Awesome!’ is an expression of cheerfulness used to pump someone and make them feel motivated. It used when the person has done an excellent job.

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8) You did a hell of a job

It is just another expression to appreciate the way one has performed their job or completed their task. It is often used by superiors to higher up the hierarchy in the workplace to acknowledge the work of subordinates.

9) You did good

This expression used to express joy and happiness. It can be used in vast scenarios and indicates that the person has done right and that the person appreciating him is proud of him.

10) Congratulations

A popular way of appraisal is by congratulating someone on their achievements. This achievement can be of any type. For instance, it can be on completing college and graduating, on the birth of a child, on getting married. Congratulations can offer on any significant life events that are a milestone for the person.

11) I’m proud of you

‘I am proud of you’ is a compliment offered by the people closest to you. It creates a sense of trust and intimacy between the two people. This expression used to appreciate one as a person based on their life decisions, personal achievements, or accomplishments.

12) Pat yourself on the back

This phrase used for inducing self-respect and self-appraisal. It means that the person appreciating you wants you to metaphorically pat yourself on the back, which means that well done, you’ve done a great job, and you should appreciate yourself.

13) You did it

This expression can use in both positive and negative senses. In a positive sense, it means to recognize one’s ability or performance. In the negative sense, it expresses criticism and is equivalent to saying, ‘you ruined it.’

you did it

14) You made my day

This compliment is full of emotion. ‘You made my day’ expresses the gesture of joy and happiness towards the other person. It is a form of appreciation through emotion and increases your value in the eyes of the other person.

15) You’re the best

‘You are the best’ is also an expression of appreciation through emotion. It means that the person is valued and is the best kind of person in the other person’s life.

16) Wow! I’m impressed

This expression indicates amazement and content of surprise from the person expressing his emotions. It means that the expresser was not expecting what happened and is impressed by how things turned out. This expression also used sarcastically to taunt the person.

17) I value you

‘I value you’ is a gesture of care and appreciation. It indicates that the expresser has a distinct position and value for the other person in their life and that he is essential to them.

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18) You are a fantastic person

This expression used to value a person how goes above and beyond their limits for everyone treats people very well and is kind at heart. Such a person gets along with everyone.

You are a fantastic person

19) You are the best

This expression, used as a token of appreciation for someone who has helped you out with a task, did you a favour, completed an assignment for you, etc.

20) You’ve earned my respect

This expression indicates respect and gratitude on behalf of someone superior in rank to the person. It means that the actions and moral values of the person are worthy of praise and that he has earned the respect of the expresser.

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