Ways to Attract a Female Audience to the Field of Sports Betting

How is Technology Changing the Sports Betting Industry in Maryland

The NFL 2022 season has already started, and Buffalo has won against Los Angeles Rams. A report by the American Gaming Association (AGA) shows about 46.6 million Americans will place a bet during the season. Historical statistics show that 73% of men engage in sports betting, but only 40% of women bet.

The betting companies have taken serious concern about this trend and have been working round the clock to reverse it. Global Wireless Solutions study shows this trend is changing fast thanks to the highly spirited strategies used by gambling companies.

Female bettors are adopting sports betting apps faster than male

A new study shows females are likely to bet on sports more than males. The report argues that females are adopting a sports betting app faster than males. The report by Global Wireless Solutions shows more women prefer to download the apps due to the convenience they provide.

The report further shows over 4.6 million women in the US started to bet on sports in 2021. The number is expected to grow by 115% in 2022 to a combined total of over 9.8 million women participating in sports betting in 2022.

Targeted marketing

Online casinos have studied the market and established that hobbies for women are entirely different from men. To attract more women, they do target marketing and involve women in their preferred hobbies. Most women love horseback riding, volunteering, and joining a club. These are some of the activities casinos engage women in when doing targeted marketing.

Providing incentives

Online casinos give the most attractive incentives to encourage players to sign up and continue playing. Some give up to a $2,000 deposit match, while others give up to a $50 free sign-up bonus. Some give free spins, loyalty bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, and other types of bonuses.

Mobile friendly games

More women prefer placing bets online other than visiting a traditional casino to bet. Specifically, most of them prefer using their phones when placing bets. Casinos have been inventive and created mobile-friendly websites and games. If a woman wants to plan to travel, they will not feel inconvenienced when they want to bet on their favorite team.

Providing online casino games for women

There are specific types of games that are loved most by women. These are games such as slots, poker, bingo, roulette, blackjack, and craps. More and more women are loving sports betting recently. Online casinos ensure they avail these games online and allocate them the best payouts. Since many women consider betting as a social activity, they invite their friends to sign up for a casino. Online casinos provide the best payouts for sports betting and women-friendly games.

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