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Ways To Make More Space In Your Home

Have you recently downsized, or is your family bigger now? At a certain point in your life, you may realize that there’s a need for more space in your home. Your possessions keep increasing every year, and everything feels more cramped than before. 

If you can’t move to a bigger home yet, all is not lost. There are numerous ways to make more space in your current home. Houses in Tennessee average 2,157 square feet, which is considerably lower than the national average of 2,500 square feet. If you live in a place like Memphis, here’s how you can make your humble abode more spacious:

1. Find external storage units

Do you have bulky items you don’t want to toss right now? If so, look around for the best storage units Memphis has to offer. Here are some items you can keep in an external storage unit: 

  • A large book collection that you don’t frequently use
  • Furniture pieces that are also family heirlooms or have sentimental value
  • Furniture or other large items you can slowly sell online
  • Seasonal items like winter clothing, skiing equipment, etc.
  • Anything that doesn’t fit in your current space but might be handy once you upsize
  • Any items you want to pass along but can’t do so yet (wedding dress, piano, baby crib)
  • Any delicate items that you won’t use for a few years due to young kids in the home

2. Use vertical space

Never underestimate the power of well-placed shelving. With a few sturdy floating sleeves, you can even create a library in a small space

Shelves will give you the storage required for several small but useful items. You can store your book collection, display your travel souvenirs, and all the other stuff that defines your personality. You might be surprised at what a few humble planks can hold.

Along with creating more space, floor-to-ceiling shelves can also make an area feel larger. It elongates the room, especially if you already have high ceilings.  

3. Minimize clutter

The reason behind the limited space at your home might just be the piles of things littering every corner. Minimize this clutter, and you’ll immediately feel better about the space. 

Use baskets, boxes, and jars on shelves to hold all the necessary items. Try different containers and see what suits your style and needs. For example:

  • Use mason jars for holding pens, pens, and other stationary forms
  • Use boxes to collect documents, extra papers, etc.
  • Use baskets for toy rotation, putting out only a few toys at a time

4. Install built-in storage

If you have the budget for some professional renovation, consider investing in bespoke inbuilt cabinetry. This way, you’ll be using all available space with no wasted corners. Plus, this addition will look very stylish. 

5. Utilize unseen spaces

Get creative and look closely at the spaces that are lying empty now. You may have empty space under the bed, sofa, or a side table. 

Think about utilizing them smartly instead of stuffing items in these spaces. Several kinds of containers are specially designed for going under the bed. Get some of these and fill them up. You can then pull them out from under the bed whenever required.

For such storage spaces, choose items you need in that specific home area. For instance, you may consider storing bulky bedding under the bed. After all, that’s where you’ll use it the most. 

6. Don’t cover the floor

If you just want the feeling of more space, use tricks to reveal the floor instead of covering it up. For instance, several interior designers use floating furniture to make spaces look and feel larger. 

The logic here is simple: the more flooring you can see, the larger the space will look. There are all sorts of floating future options or just furniture that shows off the floor instead of covering it. Check them out online and see what works for your home.

7. Focus more on drawers

Are you renovating your kitchen and have the budget for some new cabinetry? Instead of cupboards, consider investing in mostly drawers for that space. 

Think about it; vertical cupboards take up more space and don’t provide enough in return. You place some cans and jars on the floor of a cabinet, and then what? The rest of the space remains empty unless you buy additional skiing baskets or install hooks to utilize it. Plus, you can’t reach the back of a section without having to crawl halfway into the cupboard itself. 

Instead of that hassle, consider installing drawers for most of the kitchen. You can have them in different sizes, but the plus is that they pull out to show you all the contents. 

8. Utilize outdoor space

If you have a garden, balcony, or porch, use that area for more storage. Build a shed, install boxes outside, and store your tools there. There’s no reason why you can’t store your gardening and home tools in the same space. 

If you’re having a party, open the balcony and porch doors. Some people will take advantage of the outdoor space even if the party is indoors. When they venture outside, you’ll automatically have more space indoors. Plus, there will be more fresh air for everyone to enjoy.  


Having more space in a home can be delightful. You have more room to live in, move about, and follow through on your plans. Remember the points above; don’t start filling the empty space with more possessions! Start following these guidelines today, and you might have an emptier but more convenient home layout in a few days. 

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