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15 Words and Ways to Say How Are You To Your Friends

How often is it that you must make social contact and are reluctant to do so? Even when you are casually passing by a stranger, they sometimes greet you and start a conversation; because people inclined to communicate.

Today, we live in a very social and up-to-date world where men, women, children, and everyone else contributes to society as a means to stay connected. To do so, one must communicate, and one of the basics of communication is how to greet someone.

How are you today

Professional Ways to Say How Are You

Any basic greeting usually starts with hi or hello followed by an interrogative statement such as ‘how are you?’, ‘how’s it hanging?’ ‘How have you been lately?’ ‘what are you up to?’,  ‘how was your day?’, ‘what have you been up to?’, etc.

All these question statements used to show a sign of concern for the other person and used in a variety of different contexts and situations, which will be talked about in detail further on. For now, let’s talk about the different ways.

How are you doing?

Usually used to casually ask someone how their health is and inquire about it from a broader perspective. One cannot get into the details when asked simply ‘how are you?’, but when asked ‘how are you doing?’, you can tell them about your health, your daily routine, your achievements, and anguishes. You can share all your tell-tales in ‘how are you doing?’.

How are you today?

Another phrase in the book that signifies care and compassion from the person asking though, used to know one’s current and most recent conditions of the body and mind.

How are you doing today?

This expression directed towards your everyday routine and how you are coping up with it. It is more of a rhetorical question and can be answered short and precisely or in-depth as per choice.

How are things? Or How are things going?

This expression used to know less about your health and more about the things going on in your life. The phrase conveys close relations between the two communicators and indicates frankness and a tendency to engage in deep conversations.

How are you feeling?

‘How are you feeling?’ is an expression of concern. It used to ask about someone’s conditions and emotions after an ailment, sickness, significant change, or achievement. You can probably recall someone asking you how you are feeling after an anxiety attack or maybe after you’ve achieved your long-awaited goal. The answer to this expression often full of emotion, like feeling bad, sad, threatened, helpless or vulnerable in case of an ailment attack and feeling happy, excited, powerful or confident in case of achieving a goal.

How do you do?

This phrase mostly used during face-to-face verbal communication, usually when the converser is in a good mood. It is a friendly and jolly way to express concern for the other person.

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How’s life going?

This phrase used for catching up between two converters who have been distant and not in communication with each other, for asking about life and what changes have happened in it recently. When a person asks, ‘how’s life going?’, the immediate answer is right or not so good, followed by an extensive detail as to why that is.

How was your day?

This phrase used during casual communication; this expression used to inquire how a person’s days were, what stuff happened during the day, including minor details like getting coffee, going to work, leaving home to go to the supermarket.

How have you been?

Another way to greet someone is by using a ‘how have you been?’; This phrase is a more verbal question directed towards how your health is and how it has been in recent times and what affairs have you been dealing with lately. It usually asked by someone who knows you as a friend or acquaintance.

What’s new?

When someone asks, ‘what’s new?’, they are asking to discover what newness has entered your life. This expression usually used when two people haven’t connected for a while and are searching to know what changes have occurred since they last talked.

Are you all alright? Or Are you okay?

A more direct way to ask someone how they are is by the use of ‘are you alright?’ or ‘are you okay?’. The most often used to inquire about the current state of a person usually after unpleasant circumstances like after an accident has taken place or some bad news has surfaced.

What are you up to?

Another curious expression used to express curiosity towards the actions of the other person. It used casually as well, just for the sake of making conversation.

Long-time, no see, or How long has it been?

‘Long time, no see’ an informal expression used in face-to-face greetings. Both expressions express the complain that it has been so long since the two conversers last met. It is an excellent way to catch up with your old pals whom you haven’t seen in a long time.

Is something bothering you? Or What’s with the face?

Both these expressions used to express concern about one’s well-being based on their physical appearance and feel. ‘What’s with the face?’ is used mostly when one’s anger, worry, or unhappiness is seen on their face through their expression, and the converser wants to address it. Similarly, ‘Is something bothering you?’ is used when on their worry is displayed through their mood, speech, or expressions.

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How ya doin?

‘How ya doin?’ is simply the slang way to ask someone ‘how are you?’, commonly used by teenagers to seem cool. The slang usually used over text and answered in a short and precise way.

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