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We Understand That Divorce Can Be Hard – Let Us Help You Make It Easier

What Does a Contested Divorce Mean

There’s no question that divorce is challenging, but having the right lawyer to support you can make a huge difference. The legal team at Jensen Family Law understands the pain and struggle of staying afloat when your world falls apart.

If you’re looking to get the info you need to overcome the hurdle of divorce, consider checking out the resources available on the firm’s website. Don’t go it alone. Our family law attorney can help you navigate the process. To this end, here’re the steps we can take:

1. Providing Advice

When going through a divorce, you need a knowledgeable professional to help you make informed decisions. A lawyer can advise you on the financial and legal ramifications of dissolving your marriage. For instance, you can get guidance on what to expect concerning child custody, division of assets, and more.

The team at Jensen Family law also understands the impact of divorce on your children. As such, they provide sound advice on handling custody, visitation, and child support matters. For instance, if your child prefers to stay with one parent, we can help ensure their opinion is considered.

A lawyer’s objective opinion also comes in handy when deciding which agreements are in your best interests. And since divorce typically raises emotive issues, our attorneys can help you keep the proceedings on an even keel. In so doing, you can address the legal issues without further damaging the relationship with your partner.

2. Negotiating the Terms of Divorce

It’s common for divorcing couples to disagree on various issues. A lawyer can negotiate with your partner and their attorney to ensure your interests are represented. With Jensen Family Law, you can count on our top-notch negotiation skills to safeguard your rights and needs. That way, you can reach an amicable settlement and save time.

Thanks to legal representation, you can set your eyes on ways to get your life back on track without fear of the unknown. And even if the negotiations hit a snag, we can explore other avenues, such as mediation. Hopefully, you can get a fair settlement, an aspect we pursue relentlessly, and you can avoid taking matters to court.

3. Reviewing and Drafting Documents

Your lawyer can also help you review documents such as prenuptial agreements and contracts related to your divorce. They also ensure all the paperwork is accurate and complies with applicable regulations before submission.

Similarly, they can draft documents such as separation agreements, which outline the divorce arrangements. Jensen’s lawyers can also create child support agreements and present them to the court for approval. The same goes for spousal support – our team ensures the contract is fair and meets the expectations of both parties.

4. Promoting Accountability

Marital assets can only be divided if you both parties disclose their financial information. Sometimes, one spouse is unaware of the assets the family owns.

It’s critical to have a professional advocate pressing for accountability. Jensen’s team can ensure both parties are honest about their finances. Our divorce lawyers can review financial records and raise red flags if they spot discrepancies. That way, one partner is less likely to manipulate the process. In so doing, the settlement can be fair and just.

5. Dealing with Debt

While property division is an important aspect of divorce, debt allocation can complicate matters. What you owe to creditors must be settled amicably and fairly before the finalization of the divorce.

Cases abound of spouses who’ve had to bear the burden of debts they didn’t know existed. If you believe it’s the other party’s responsibility to cover certain debts, you can count on Jensen Family law to press for accountability.

By shielding yourself from potential financial pitfalls, you can start your new life with a clean slate. Similarly, the firm’s team can devise a plan for repaying your business or family’s debts so you can move on without worry.

6. Going to Court

If your case proceeds to court, Jensen’s lawyers can represent you accordingly. They’re well-versed in the family law system and have represented many other clients in similar circumstances. Hence, you can trust them to forcefully and confidently present your case.

The court process typically involves a lot of paperwork, which is why you need an experienced legal professional. Jensen’s attorneys help ensure all your documents are in order and follow all the necessary procedures. The same goes for the trial – our lawyers prepare you for each proceeding with professionalism and diligence. For instance, they can help you prepare for cross-examination and testify on your behalf.

All in all, your lawyer can help you handle the events surrounding your divorce in an organized manner. From the separation to the final judgment, the team at Jensen Family Law can help you with skill and care. Besides, their aggressive representation and years of experience can help you get the most favorable outcome.

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