Wesley Financial Group Reviews: Is it a Legit Company?

Wesley Financial Group Reviews

Are you tired of paying high annual fees for your timeshare? Are you one of those timeshare owners who want to eliminate the timeshare liabilities? If true, then you are scrolling through the right guide. Timeshare seems fantastic and a good investment until it starts creating stress in your life. 

So, if you are one of those owners who want to get free from the timeshare problem, then you can simply hire a timeshare cancellation company such as Wesley Financial Group. In this post, you’ll learn about the Wesley Financial Group reviews and a complete of their beneficial services.

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Who is Wesley Financial Group?

Wesley Financial Group is one of the best timeshare cancellation companies that has been working in this business since 2011. It has several offices, including the states of Franklin, Tennessee, Las Vegas, and Nashville. The company offers only timeshare exit services. The company aims to free stressed timeshare owners from the timeshare contract. The company claims that they have helped more than 25,000 clients with their timeshare exit.

Pros and Cons of Wesley Financial Group

Exit companies like Wesley Financial Group can save you from paying unnecessary timeshare expenses. If you are stuck with a very expensive timeshare, you can select the timeshare exit company. But before signing the deal with the company, you can check the Wesley Financial Group Reviews or pros and cons.

Here are some pros and cons of the timeshare exit company:


Money-Back Guarantee 

The best part feature about the company is that it offers a money-back guarantee to every client. The company claims that it can cancel the timeshare within the given timeframe. But what if they fail to do so? To build trust between the company and its clients, the company claims that it offers a money-back guarantee if they fail to exit the timeshare or the customers are unsatisfied with their services. Don’t think your money and timeshare both have gone into the trash. 

Social Media Presence 

Another fantastic thing about the company is its unique social media presence. The company regularly updates new and different content offering its exit services. The company’s posts and updates are based on its success stories. Moreover, the company also has a fabulous and impressive online presence on third-party rating sites like Trustpilot, BBB, Google, and more. 

Maintenance Fee Calculator 

Along with the money-back guarantee and social media presence, another fantastic feature of the company is that it provides a maintenance fee calculator to the clients. This fee calculator helps the clients keep tabs on the credit changes made during the exit process. Additionally, this fee calculator helps the clients estimate their entire timeshare cost. 


No Escrow Payment Option 

Wesley Financial Group offers a money-back guarantee but not an escrow payment option. It creates a slight suspicion in the client’s mind about their legitimacy. 

However, with an escrow payment, the finances a client pays upfront get saved into an account held by a third party.  

No Guarantee They’ll Work with You 

The company seems proud that it gets 4,000 cases of potential clients weekly and turns down 40% of those who contact it. While being in demand can be great news for the business, it can be challenging for the timeshare owners who desperately need help and want to eliminate the timeshare contract.

Prospective Clients Vetting 

Wesley Financial Group operates a thorough review procedure to vet prospective customers. Not everyone is welcomed; many elements determine the eligibility of every timeshare owner, such as:

  • Which resort developer your timeshare contract is with.
  • What you were told during the timeshare sales and registration process.


Timeshare differs for every owner; some find it exciting and a good investment. In another case, some people are unhappy with paying the high maintenance fee and other liabilities from the timeshare contract. The only option left for the timeshare owners is to find the best timeshare cancellation company to eliminate the timeshare contract. If you are in the same situation and looking to hire an exit company, you can select the Wesley Financial Group.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand the Wesley Financial Group reviews and whether to hire the company for your timeshare contract. 

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