What Are Escape Rooms Games

What Are Escape Rooms Games

Escape rooms are becoming ever more popular in today’s world. Between the in-person adventures and the online games that accompany them, beginners may be wondering what escape room games are?

You Get Locked In

In an in-person escape room, you sign up to get “locked” into a room for an hour. The only way out before the hour is up is to put together the multiple clues and puzzles scattered around before the time runs out.

Why Would Anyone Want To Do One?

Getting locked in a room for an hour doesn’t sound all that enticing to most. However, it is your chance to live out different narratives. You could be solving a murder or going on a magical adventure. The choices of escape room themes are quite endless.

You Solve Puzzles

While in the room, the clues you are given are mostly in the form of puzzles. You will have to solve these puzzles that are mostly comprised of things like:

  • Combination puzzles
  • Hidden objects
  • Logic puzzles
  • Numbers and texts
  • Sound and light

You solve things like basic math equations and untying knots. Pay attention to where the light doesn’t shine and different types of puzzles that may fit together.

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There Is A Digital Version?

Escape games were originally made as a way to escape reality for a bit that doesn’t involve going on the computer or watching t.v. However, with a pandemic, many escape rooms decided to take advantage of the online world to stay relevant.

Choose A Theme

Just like in the in-person ones, you choose a theme and are given a narrative. After that, you are digitally immersed into an escape room and tasked with solving the different clues to find the key to get out.

The online version is not quite as fun as the in person because you are not physically locked in and feeling the realness of the adventure.

Escape Room Games Are Fun

Escape rooms are perfect for anyone ages 12-100. However, if you book the entire room for your whole family, there’s usually a way to allow the younger kids to get in on the action.

If you aren’t booking an entire room, it will be more difficult for younger kids to play and they may not be able to. A great thing about escape rooms is that everyone can work together as team players. You also learn what each other’s strengths are which helps build relationships at home with people who don’t always agree or have time set aside just because of our busy schedules!

Escape rooms have the same principles as video games

For anyone who loves video games, I can’t imagine a better place for them to come to. An escape room is exactly like a real-life video game. You have excitement! Pressure? Solving puzzles in order to get out of the room you’re trapped inside and sometimes finding clues that help with other parts of the puzzle too but never knowing what will happen next…It may even be an opportunity for gamers where their skills translate well into solving life’s mysteries or ills outside on this planet called Earth.

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