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What are perms and Types of Perms

Perm is a famous word in the Hair Fashion industry. The word “Perm” is not modern. Historically it is near about one hundred years old word. So, in studies, we all know the hairs have a natural texture. Perms are chemicals that can alter the natural texture of human hair.

In other words, a perm is a short form of permanent hairstyle with a curl or curve. Perm has some types. Here are some types of perms.

Top 5 types of perms:

  1. Traditional Perm:

In the top 5 types, the traditional perm is number one. It is the most common perm in the salon. In traditional perm, a rubber band is tied over the rod to reshape the hairs. This rubber band holds the hairs over the rod to reshape them.

Traditional perm changes the hair bond up to 81 percent. It degrades the fashion health of hairs. On the other hand, the modern perm like American Wave Perm changes the hair bond by about 25 percent. So, in this range, the hairs feel more natural than others.

  1. Braid Perm:

In the top 5 types of perms, a braid perm is unique. It is originated from the French. So, these French braid perms are a new trend in salons.

In braid perm style, the hairs are shown in a zig-zag structure.

In this perm, the braids create bends in the hairs. After adding the braids and applying the perm solution, the hairs get a new look.

  1. Man Perm:

In new fashion industry trends, Man perm is also the best one. Like women, men are also zealous for perms. But the hair length decides the use of perm either over the top or around the complete head.

So, in this perm, there are two possible conditions. In the first condition, the people like to use tight rock curl, while in other conditions, they like to use the looser beachy look of their hairs.

  1. Root Perm:

Root Perm is a modern type of perm that covers only 2 to 4 inches of hairs from the front side. It helps the perm user to provide more scalp to the hairs. Hence the hairs get more volume at the root.

  1. Digital Perm:

Digital perm also looks like a traditional perm. The difference is in digital perm; the user uses heat for hairs to perm them. In traditional perm, the hairs are shown curlier according to the wet condition. But when it dries, the curl of hair loosens.

So, these are the top 5 types of perms in the modern era. The fashion industry is progressing with the help of these perms. The perms and types of perms are progressing day by day.

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