What Are Skin Tags and How do You Treat Them

What Are Skin Tags and How do You Treat Them

So what are skin tags? They’re an extremely common issue that millions of people develop on their bodies. Essentially, skin tags are small growths that grow off your skin. While harmless, they are notorious for being annoying to anyone who gets them.

Skin tags (also known as acrochordons) are noncancerous growths that often have the same color as your skin. They typically look like a cluster of tissue jutting out from a little stem. They can be darker in color as well, and sometimes may look like a raised mole. Almost all skin tags are between one and five millimeters, but it is possible for them to grow as large as a few centimeters.

Typically these growths don’t require treatment of any kind because they don’t do anything, but if their appearance is bothersome you can undergo a skin tag removal procedure. Almost all skin tag treatment is entirely cosmetic and aesthetic, but still worth doing.

Causes of Skin Tags

There is no one, simple answer for that causes skin tags. Dermatologists are unsure if there is any defining factor across the board that explains them, but there are some interesting theories about their existence.

Skin tags seem to occur when the body produces extra cells in the top layers of the skin. Overall, these growths tend to form in folds of the skin, and in areas with high levels of natural movement which cause significant skin-to-skin friction.

Below are the most common areas of the body for skin tags to develop:







Who Gets Skin Tags?

It’s natural to wonder why some people have skin tags, and some don’t. You may feel really unlucky when you discover one of these annoying little things somewhere on your body. So, who gets skin tags? Everyone.

Both men and women can get skin tags in equal measure, although pregnant women have a higher rate than others.

Rarely, skin tags can be indicative of a deeper problem like a higher risk of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. But this is very unlikely.

Scientifically, the likelihood of developing skin tags increases pretty dramatically with age. Individuals over 50 years old have a much higher chance of getting skin tags than other age groups.

Other types of people who often get skin tags are:

-People with a family history

-People with health issues like diabetes or obesity

-People with high growth factors

-People with high insulin levels

How To Remove Them

Since skin tags are safe and harmless, the choice to remove them is mostly an aesthetic one. It is a common and understandable desire to get rid of skin tags since they can be an annoying part of your life.

The most simple and effective method of removing skin tags is by using Hempvana Endtag, a topical skin tag remover that dries out the growth until it falls off on it’s own. This product is enriched with hemp seed oil with moisturizing benefits that preserve the area surrounding your tag.

The oils involved are filled with turmeric and aloe, making it a powerful absorption aid that’s great for all types of skin. This product is essential in restoring your confidence by removing obnoxious skin tags. You can visit an aesthetic clinic in KL before starting to use this product.

Other more expensive and invasive options for skin tag removal are:





These methods are effective but can be so much more stressful than using a topical solution.

Skin Tags and You

While skin tags can be concerning when you discover one, it’s undeniable that they are a benign problem that rarely leads to anything serious. Some studies have shown that half of all adults will have at least one skin tag in their lifetime, and most don’t even notice their skin tags at all.

The only danger is when tags with longer stalks get twisted, cutting off blood supply and causing pain or discoloration. If you notice any significant changes to your skin tags, or feel any pain, you should probably consult a doctor about them.

Skin tags don’t affect your health but they can be unsightly. When they pop up in areas like your face or neck, it’s hard not to be self-conscious about them.

Finding ways to remove those skin tags can help give you peace of mind.


Endtag: Skin Tag Remover | Hempvana

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