What Are Some Interesting Facts About Solar Energy?

By 2030 solar energy could be a cheaper energy production option than many forms of fossil fuel. This is only one of many facts about solar energy. Another is that harnessing energy from the sun has never been easier.

How does solar energy work? It all depends on the kind you choose. Photovoltaic solar energy is great for residential use or wide-scale power production. Passive solar is great for home heating or industrial power creation.

There are tons of solar energy uses for both the residential and industrial sectors. If you are wondering about some solar energy benefits or are looking for some solar energy facts, check out this guide.

Solar Energy Use Is on the Rise

Solar energy use has risen meteorically in the past decade or so. What was once confined to a fringe group in the 1970s has now become a mainstay in modern suburbia.

With progressive policy goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, solar energy is a prime candidate for further investment. You can expect to see many more solar panels cropping up on rooftops near you.

Battery Technology Is Improving

One of the greatest limiting factors for home solar use has always been battery technology. It doesn’t matter how efficient your solar panels are if you don’t have a way to store excess electricity.

In the past, you would rely on a grid connection to offset any extra power you produced. Nowadays, you can use emerging technology such as lithium solar batteries to have a total off-grid solar experience.

Efficiency Facts About Solar Energy

The more efficient a photovoltaic panel is, the faster it converts the sun’s energy into a high electricity output. As time goes on, solar panels get more and more efficient.

Some of the best panels nowadays operate at above 20% efficiency and give off more than 400 watts of electricity. This is much better than the 15% efficiency ratings for panels of the past decade.

Solar Is Getting Cheaper

The cost of solar energy gets lower with each passing year. From installation costs to increased government subsidies and tax write-offs, the final cost of getting solar installed on your home is at an all-time low.

New Solar Technology Is Hitting Markets

New solar technology hits markets every year. From the solar roads of the 2010s to solar nano-particles, the solar times are changing fast. Scientists have even developed a new device called “anti-solar” panels.

These panels operate even during the darkest hours of the night and still produce electricity. Only time will tell what exciting new solar trends hit markets worldwide. The future of solar energy has yet to be written.

Give Solar a Try

These facts about solar energy should motivate you into action. As technology gets better and cheaper, going solar now is your best option. Don’t pay the power companies another outrageous electricity bill again.

Use the facts in this guide to find the best solar energy option for your home. That way, you can get the sun on your side and use it to produce your energy for you. Visit our site again to read some other informative content.

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