What Are the Benefits of Going to Disney World in 2022?

What Are the Benefits of Going to Disney World in 2022?

On average, 250,000 visitors go to Disney World each day.

If you’re going to Disney World, you might be wondering what perks you’ll get for going and staying at a Disney World Resort.

There are many benefits, including getting into the park early, discounts, and exclusive options. Keep reading to find out more!

Get Into Theme Parks Early

If you stay at a Disney resort, you’ll get access to the theme parks earlier. For most of them, you’ll be able to get in a half-hour earlier than the posted opening time for that day.

An extra thirty minutes might not sound like a lot, but you’ll be able to hit two of the busiest attractions before the lines get super long. You can also avoid the crowds and take pictures or do whatever you want.

The best way to maximize that time is to show up at the gate thirty minutes before you get early access. That way, you can find Disney’s calendar and figure out a strategy for your game plan. It will be an early morning, but it also means that the crowds and lines won’t be nearly as bad.


You’ll also get access to all kinds of discounts, like a discount on your Magic Band. You don’t get them for free anymore, but now you can customize them before you pick them up.

If you want, you can ship them to your home after you’ve chosen a color, a name, or a nickname to put inside the band. If you already have a MagicBand, you can use an old one instead.

At the resort, the MagicBand will also be your room key and your ticket to get into the park. In some resorts, you won’t even have to check in, and you can go straight to your room.

If you want to hook your credit card up, you can do that as well. You can assign a pin to your brand and then use that to pay for different things around the park and the resort.


If you’re staying at a resort owned by Disney, you can have free transportation from the property to the resort. Depending on which hotel you decide to stay at, you could either take the skyline, monorail, watercraft, or buses.

However, even if you don’t stay at a resort, you’ll be able to take the transportation. However, it’s better for resort guests since it’ll pick them up right at the hotel.

Use Points

If you’re staying at a DVC resales, you may be able to use your points as well.

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) offers all kinds of great lodging that you can stay in and have it all paid for by your DVC points.

If you’re not a member of your DVC, you can use Disney’s credit card to book your own vacation. You will earn points each time you stay, and if you accrue enough, you can use them to cover your vacation.

Experience the Disney Magic

If you want to experience all of the Disney magic that you can, book a stay at one of the Disney hotels. If you’ve never experienced it, it’s unlike any hotel stay than you’ve ever had before.

You’ll be fully immersed in the Disney magic even after you leave your park. All of the employees are focused on providing the best Disney World customer service, and you’ll be surrounded by them the entire time.

Each hotel is also themed, so you’ll still feel like you’re at one of the Disney parks. You’ll also be able to relax by the pools or enjoy dinner or breakfast with some of your favorite characters.

When you’re done, you can head to the park and enjoy the best rollercoasters, meet your favorite characters, and make magical memories that you’ll never forget.

Access to Dining Reservations

If you’re someone who likes to eat the best food, staying at a resort will also give you access to make early dining reservations.

Most meal reservations need to be made 60 days in advance. It used to be 180, so this is a great benefit for people planning their trip. For people staying at the resort, they can start making reservations 60 days out plus the number of days they’re staying.

So if they’re staying for 5 days, they can make a reservation 65 days in advance. This might not sound like a lot, but it can really make a huge difference.

Save Time

Going to Disney World can be a great time, but it also takes up a lot of time. That’s why staying at a resort will help give you some of that time back.

Now you won’t be waiting forever for transportation or have to get from one hotel to a bus station to the parking lot. The transportation will really help you find the best way to get to the park from the hotel.

You’ll also save time without having to wait to buy your tickets, get your MagicBand, or wait in line. This way you can enjoy all of the magic without wasting your time.

Discover More Benefits of Going to Disney World

These are only a few benefits of going to Disney World, but there are many more that you can enjoy.

We know that it can be stressful to plan the perfect trip, but you don’t have to do it on your own.

We’re here to help! Did you find this article useful? Explore our website to find even more great content just like this.

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