What Are the Different Types of DUI Charges That Exist Today?

An average of 28 people per day die due to drunk driving in America. It’s no surprise that America’s drinking and driving laws are strict and well-enforced.

If you are facing DUI charges, you may wonder what to expect next. It’s important to recognize that there are three distinct DUI charges that can only be handled by an experienced DUI attorney. The type of DUI charge you receive will have a significant impact on the penalties you will face.

So, what are the types of DUIs? What should you know before entering into your case litigation?

Read on to find out more about the three basic types of DUI charges.

DUI Misdemeanors

A DUI misdemeanor is the least serious of the DUI charges, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire a DUI attorney. Drivers are charged with a DUI misdemeanor if they were driving while over the legal blood alcohol limit but didn’t break any other serious laws. You can only receive a DUI misdemeanor if you did not harm someone or drive recklessly while intoxicated and dui lawyer can help.

DUI misdemeanors still come with the potential for some serious penalties. In addition to fines, you may also face license suspension, a short amount of jail time, required community service, and more.

DUI Felonies

A driver can receive a DUI felony charge under a few different circumstances. The first is if the driver has received multiple DUI misdemeanors in a set period of time. The second is if the driver harmed someone, caused serious property damage, or broke any serious driving laws while intoxicated.

If charged with a DUI felony, expect to pay several thousand dollars in fines. DUI felonies can also come with up to five years in jail. Anyone faced with a DUI felony may also receive additional penalties that they must complete after serving their sentence, including community service and substance abuse courses, in order to get their license back.

DUI Manslaughter

DUI manslaughter is the most serious DUI offense a driver can receive. Any driver who killed another individual while driving under the influence is like to receive a DUI manslaughter charge. This is a second-degree felony.

DUI manslaughter charges vary significantly from case to case. This is because the penalties become much more severe if other crimes were committed in addition to manslaughter. For example, if a driver flees the scene or resists arrest after committing manslaughter, they will likely face multiple charges that all come with their own possible penalties.

Get a Lawyer When Faced With DUI Charges

No matter what types of DUI charges you may face, it’s always important to work with a DUI attorney. Each type of DUI comes with a range of penalties and having a lawyer in your corner will decrease your chances of facing the maximum penalties for your charge.

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