What Are the Healthiest Pet Foods for Dogs? 

What Are the Healthiest Pet Foods for Dogs? 

More and more people are becoming dog owners in Singapore. Local pet stores report a consistent 5-10% increase of dogs getting adopted since 2019. Individuals, couples, and families are all becoming pet parents to adorable, furry companions.

Following the growth of pet ownership, the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) reminded responsible dog owners of standards and regulations for the best pet care. These practices include nutrition and diet for dogs; thus, owners go into meticulous research to find the healthiest pet food Singapore has.

There is a wide variety of dog foods in the market, which is both helpful and overwhelming to dog owners. There are wet and dry dog foods, refrigerated food, subscription-based options, and more. While every dog breed has unique appetites based on their activity, all dogs generally need the proper nutrition that they get from their food.

It’s All About the Ingredients

Dog experts and veterinarians note that the most important thing to look for in healthy dog foods is the ingredients. The first three ingredients listed usually have the greatest portions in the food, and it would be best if owners find meat-based and protein-rich components. Buyers should look for brands that are transparent with the type of meat they used for pet food, which should most likely be beef, chicken, and lamb. Furthermore, experts advise avoiding pet food that includes dyes, high salt and sugar, and too many preservatives, such as BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, and propylene glycol.

Organic Dog Food

Dog foods with organic labels have natural ingredients, meaning they are grown without chemical fertilisers, not irradiated, and not genetically engineered. Therefore, this type of dog food is free of preservatives, pesticides, synthetic components, and other ingredients that may potentially be harmful to a dog’s health. However, owners should always background check brands sporting organic tags since the organic pet food Singapore offers are not yet regulated.

Dry and Wet Dog Food

Dry dog food and canned or wet dog food are two of the most common pet food types that owners buy. Yet, the latter is not as much encouraged by experts. The water in wet food dilutes it and makes it an unwise investment. On the other hand, dry food keeps the dog’s teeth and gums healthy from friction. It is less messy and more affordable than other options as well. However, many dry food brands have more grain or legume than meat. So it is still advisable to find a balance between different types to get a hundred per cent nutrition for their pets. Owners can mix other components from time to time, such as canned food, regular meat at home, or other toppers.

Soothing Dog Bed

Many signs that we consider to be normal in dogs are symptoms of dog anxiety. For example, excessive barking or howling when the owners are absent is not normal for all dogs. Panting, pacing, and shivering that goes unexplained (not a disease, not hot weather) is out of the ordinary.

The list goes on with things like frequent urinating, furniture destroying, self-harming, and restlessness. Some smaller gestures like looking away, lifting a paw or lip-licking can also mean your dog is feeling the burden of anxiety.

The signs can be minor and severe and thus a veterinarian can suggest few dog anxiety treatments. Some pups will only need a soothing dog bed when the symptoms arouse. Others will have to go to a trainer or get medications that will make them feel better.

Health Advantages of Quality Dog Food

Serving nutritious meals to their pooches is a way in which owners show how much they care for them. Buying high-quality food also gives their pets health advantages, as they include meat for protein, omega fatty acids, and vegetables and fruit. It has fewer fillers like wheat, soy, and corn as well. Premium dog food improves dogs’ digestion and nutrient absorption, which produces smaller and firmer dog poop.

The amount of food a dog needs will depend on its size and weight. While serving them healthy food, owners should still be mindful not to overfeed them. A good measure of a lean and healthy dog is when owners can still feel their ribs when they firmly run their fingers over the side.

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