What Are the Most Common Netflix Error Codes and How to Fix Them?

We can have all kinds of opinions about Netflix, but the fact is that it’s still the most popular streaming service in the world, which is loved by a large number of users.

With over 247 million subscribers across nearly 200 countries, Netflix rose to prominence as the streaming industry leader by investing enormous sums of money in original TV shows and movies. With everything from critically acclaimed TV shows to popular films, Netflix has something to offer everyone. Netflix’s on-demand content is a primary differentiator from conventional cable or satellite TV. Apart from its vast collection of content, Netflix has become well-known for its original shows and has shown that it can create engaging, high-caliber shows that captivate audiences. Certain Netflix movies and shows go beyond popularity for merely binging.  Let’s illustrate.  

The series “Stranger Things” revitalized a long-forgotten song that’s now on everyone’s lips: Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”. A true story embodied in the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” where a single dad battling with homelessness takes an unpaid internship as a stockbroker leading to eventually becoming a multi-millionaire inspired many entrepreneurs who were uncertain about the success of their startups. The “Runner Runner” movie from a decade ago in which an allegedly-swindled student goes to Costa Rica to confront an online gambling tycoon helped the rise of the gambling industry in the Central American country and now there are the best online casinos in Costa Rica distinguishing themselves from the rest at specialized platforms, such as TopCasinoExpert.

Even Such a Reliable App as Netflix Have Difficulties

Substantial financial resources have been invested in Netflix, but even such a “polished”, stable, and reliable application can have difficulties from time to time. When such situations occur, you’re usually shown a notification on the screen about the occurrence of an error with a numerical indication of its code next to it.

Many users immediately start to panic as soon as the error message appears and Netflix stops working. While some of the issues can be more complex, most of the time the solutions to fix Netflix errors are simple.

Below is a list of the most common error codes of the Netflix application that you will find on smart TVs, iOS, and Android devices.

  1. Error 100 (“Sorry We Could Not Reach the Netflix Service”)

This error code can appear when opening Netflix and is usually followed by a message stating that you aren’t allowed to access the app. This is a common glitch with smart TVs that have the Netflix app installed.

The methods to fix this error are as follows:

  • Close and reopen the Netflix app. If you no longer see the error message, the problem is solved.
  • Reset your smart TV. Make sure you unplug it and wait a minute after plugging it back in.
  • Reboot your device and open the Netflix app again to test if it works now.
  1. Error 0041 (“Please Try Again Later“)

This type of error is usually related to Internet connectivity issues. When you get this message, you can’t use the Netflix app.

A possible solution for devices and smart TVs:

Turn off your device and router. Turn on the router again and wait a few minutes for the Internet connection to be restored. Once that’s done, switch to your device and reconnect to Wi-Fi. Open the Netflix app and check if the issue is resolved.

  1. Error AIP-705 (“We’re Having Trouble Playing This Title Right Now. Please Try Again Later or Select a Different Title “)

This error will appear when you have selected a certain title in the Netflix app, but it cannot start playing. A possible reason for this problem lies in a bad Wi-Fi signal or corrupt data that should be refreshed.

Try some of the following methods to fix this error:

  • Sign out of the Netflix app and turn off your device or smart TV. Reboot and log back into the Netflix app. Check if everything is fine now.
  • Turn off the device or smart TV. Make sure the smart TV is turned off and turn it back on after a minute. Reboot your device. Open the Netflix app and check if everything is fine now.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi router is plugged in and working. The device on which you watch Netflix must be as close as possible to the router.
  1. Error NQM.407 (“Your Account Is on Hold Because of a Problem with Your Last Payment “)

This is a very common mistake, and it appears frequently these days. The reason for this is Netflix’s terms of use, which are interpreted differently in various countries.

As a rule, users receive this notification when the payment of the subscription amount has not gone through their account. This could be because the bank or other financial institution did not approve the transaction, the payment method was no longer valid, or the credit card information entered in the Netflix app is no longer valid.

Fixing this bug should be easy. Update your payment information within the Netflix app.

Do the following:

  • Click on the link that can be found inside the error message.
  • Sign in to Netflix from within the official website.
  • Update payment method information.
  • Once you’re done, close the website and open the Netflix app. The issue should be resolved as Netflix will independently attempt to enforce the charge that was previously declined.
  1. Error UI-120 (“An Error Has Occurred”)

The reason for this error is the lack of proper synchronization between your device and the Netflix app. The problem is mostly solved by resetting the device.

You can try the following methods:

  • Turn the device off and on again. Test if the Netflix app works.
  • Reset your device. Unplug the smart TV, wait a minute, and then plug it back in. Wait for the Wi-Fi to be restored and enter the Netflix app to check if it works.
  • If you’re still getting the same error message, delete and reinstall the Netflix app on your device or smart TV. Log in to the app again to test if it works.
  1. Error 11800 (“A Problem Occurred While Playing This Item. Try Again Later, or Select a Different Item”)

This error is unique and occurs only with Apple devices and iOS. It usually appears when you’re watching something and will prevent you from continuing to watch the content. The problem behind everything can be related to the Internet connection, corrupt data that negatively affect the operation of the application, or the use of an outdated version of the Netflix application.

Use some of the following methods to fix this error:

  • Turn your iOS device off and on again. Reset your Apple TV if you are using it. Make sure the Apple TV is turned off and turned on again after a minute. Turn on your device or Apple TV and check if the Netflix app is working.
  • Sign out of the Netflix app. Log in again and test if it works.
  • Update your Netflix app to the latest version. Open it and check if it works.
  • If you use VPN software, it could be the cause of the problem. Turn off the use of VPN and test the operation of the application.
  • Delete and reinstall the Netflix app on your iOS device or Apple TV. Open the Netflix app again and check if it works.
  1. Error 0013 (“Sorry, We Could Not Reach the Netflix Service. Please Try Again Later”)

This error most often appears when using Netflix on Android devices. It only suddenly appears on the screen while watching certain content. Its most common cause lies in the fact that the device must be refreshed on its own in order for the Netflix application to work successfully.

Try the following:

  • Choose another title to watch. If the problem persists, you’ll know it’s not just one title that can’t be played.
  • Turn off your Android device and turn it on again. Open the Netflix app and check if it works.

If these methods don’t work, clear Netflix’s cache in your Android device’s settings:

  • Open the “Settings” application of the Android device.
  • Go to the section where you manage applications. These are usually menus named “App Manager” or “Apps”.
  • Go to the Netflix app and click on it.
  • Click on the “Clear cache” option. Try opening the Netflix app again and see if it works.

Errors on Netflix cause initial panic, but fixing them in most cases is a simple process. It’s good to know what each error code means so you can understand what’s causing the problems behind the scenes. By knowing the error codes, you will know exactly what needs to be done and, in this way, you’ll regain control over the Netflix application and enjoy its content.

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