What are the progressive jackpots and how do they work?

Casino Bonuses - Jackpots In Online Casinos - Part One

A progressive jackpot is a prize fund created by taking a small percentage of each bet. Each rotation of the drum by the player results in a percentage of the bet, ranging from 1% to 5%, being credited to the jackpot amount.

Because the chances of winning such a large sum are initially low, some developers intend to rank the jackpots. For example, the well-known Swedish developer NetEnt outfits games with multiple types of jackpots at the same time. The smaller the amount, the greater the likelihood of winning.

Various types of progressive jackpots

Typically, gambling establishments offer three types of progressive jackpot gaming slots – they differ in how the maximum prize is calculated.

  • Home

Within one online casino winnings grow. The payout is generated by one or more gambling machines.

  • Autonomous

Everything is just as appealing in this case as it was in the previous one. Users will receive fewer bonus payments for combos, but the jackpot will grow at a much faster rate. Players pay less to have a chance to win big money.

  • Global

This type of jackpot collects large sums, forming a total winnings in several dozen casinos at the same time. Betting customers all over the world contribute to a single jackpot that can be won by any random player. In this case, winnings are based on the value of deductions from wagering made by users, and bets can be accepted from users all over the world, so the figure can grow for a long time.

  • Examples of huge jackpots

The value can grow to be quite large; to date, the value has risen to 18.9 million euros in Mega Moolah. The indicator broke several world records. If the user is counting on big wins, then you should pay attention to games with a progressive jackpot. Players also call it cumulative. The amounts are larger than the fixed options. Red Tiger, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and Microgaming jackpots are very popular.

Which facts should you know about progressive jackpots?

 The popularity of slot machines on the Internet is growing at a rapid pace, as online casinos have become a common form of entertainment in many countries. Just as land-based casinos are massively visited due to their diversity, online casinos do not just spin the reels of slots.

One of the reasons slot machines are in demand among curious players is the opportunity to win a huge progressive jackpot. Slots with progressive jackpots are wildly popular due to the fact that its size is determined by the players themselves. The jackpot increases as the number of bets placed on a particular game. The progressive jackpot is a kind of grid.

Fact number 1. The most important factor is luck

Progressive jackpots, like any other online slot, are entirely dependent on luck. There is no skill or planning that can help you make a winning guaranteed dash. The only way to win is to bet and spin the reels as much as possible.

Tip: Use slots with bonus games and free spins to increase your chances of winning the grand prize.

Fact number 2. Progressive jackpots come in a variety of formats and sizes

There is no single formula for what a progressive jackpot should look like. You will find progressive jackpots in slots from various casino software manufacturers with different themes and color palettes.

Fact number 3. The more you play, the more you win

Progressive slots grow jackpots by taking a small percentage of every bet placed on a particular game and putting it into a pool. The more you play a particular slot and help the jackpot grow, the more chances you have of winning.

Fact number 4. Network based progressive jackpots are the best opportunity to win big

If you’re looking for the opportunity to win a really large amount of money, pay attention to progressive networks. Indeed, in such networks, thousands of people make bets, as a result of which the jackpot can be even a million.

Remember that if you’re playing on a progressive network, you’re battling against thousands of other players. Slot machines can deliver impressive results, but they also reduce your chances of winning due to the high number of players vying for the top prize.

Fact number 5. The more you bet, the more chances to win

It is important to remember that the more you bet, the more likely it is that the jackpot will be activated. This does not mean that you need to bet exceptionally large amounts to win. There are many cases when players have won millions by making small bets.


The progressive jackpot is the dream of many gamblers. Huge prizes are always interesting. But, nevertheless, it is always worth remembering the risks. A careful attitude is the key to success. The main thing is to control yourself, because gambling can have both a positive and a negative outcome, which entails many problems.

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