What Are Wakeboards?

Do you love watersports? You might have considered wakeboarding. For doing this sport successfully, you need excellent wakeboards. This sport is widespread, and its equipment market is said to grow at the rate of 12.43%. In fact, Australia has a Waterski and Wakeboard Federation to make wakeboarding a structured sport.

Undoubtedly, with wakeboarding’s popularity rising, the sale of wakeboards rises too. However, if you’re new to watersports, you might wonder what a wakeboard is. So, this article will tell you what it is and how to choose one to ensure your safety while wakeboarding for the first time.

What is a Wakeboard?

Wakeboard is a double-ended board with a fin. They are generally made of fibreglass wrapped around a core made of foam or wood. A foam-core wakeboard is less flexible compared to a wood-core wakeboard.

A wakeboard is what you use for wakeboarding. Wakeboarding uses boot bindings and a board. You can do more tricks while wakeboarding compared to surfing due to the bindings and pads. Plus, you’ll be attached to a boat with a rope.

Wakeboards look similar to a surfboard or skating board, but it has fins and is smaller compared to a surfboard. Plus, you get boards that are single tipped or twin tipped.

You’ll find that once you get a glimpse of wakeboarding, you’ll want your own wakeboard to keep doing it repeatedly.

How To Choose it?

Now you know what a wakeboard is. You might want to know how to choose your wakeboard. Here are some considerations to bear in mind when choosing a wakeboard:

The Size

Firstly, you need to choose a wakeboard that is the right size for you. While buying a wakeboard, you need to consider your weight. Suppose you are 25-70 pounds; you’ll need a 111-118 cms longboard. Essentially the heavier you are, the longer the wakeboard.

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to stick with the standard sizing chart recommendations. However, if you want an aggressive feel and are an advanced rider, you can go for smaller boards. Additionally, if you fear falling off as a beginner, you can opt for a longer board to ensure stability.

Your Level

Based on your ability level, you need to choose the best wakeboard for you. For instance, if you’re a beginner, you might want a board with deeper fins, a mellow 3-stage rocker with rounded central rails. You’ll need a board that will provide stability and a forgiving ride.

Intermediate boards help you start doing tricks and progress in the wakeboarding spot. Plus, the advanced boards have shallow fins and are smaller. They allow you to do spins and jumps and offer you a fast and aggressive ride.


You get a wood core wakeboard and a foam core wakeboard. You need to choose what works well for you. Generally, a foam-core board is stiff and used in beginner and advanced boards. They are lightweight, give you a soft landing and offer a definite shape to your wakeboard.

Wood-core wakeboards are more flexible. It is durable and helps you rail-ride and cable park. These are more fun, and you can experiment with them wildly. It’s best for intermediate and advanced riders.


Wakeboarding is a popular sport that requires a wakeboard, boat, buoyancy aids, a rope, wet suit, and bindings. A wakeboard is one of the crucial elements in this watersport. So, you need to choose it correctly. While choosing a wakeboard, you must bear in mind the size, material, ability level, and more.

Choosing the best wakeboards will enable you to enjoy the sport to the fullest. You’ll find wakeboarding fun, exciting, and exhilarating. Plus, it offers you health benefits like strengthening your muscles and improving hand-eye coordination. It also improves your balance.

So, choose the best wakeboards and become experts at wakeboarding.

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