What can be some of the benefits to create your own typeface?


You have always seen that every business or famous brand has its own logo or maybe an alphabet to represent itself. These business or brands have created their own typeface. Custom typography seems to be an excellent method for branding. Customers would be able to tell which media relates to you. Many people stop at the customized text for the company logo. However, we suggest moving a step ahead and buy commercial fonts or designing a complete custom typeset.


The great benefit of creating your own typeface seems to be its adaptive nature. Many famous brands do not use only English, and they can need other languages or alphabets to make a logo. For these types of owners, creating their own typeface is the best option. When you pay someone to make a logo or any other task, the resources are limited, and most of the time, only English alphabets will be available. When you start to make own effort, you can create the alphabet through tools in the way you want.

Show off your personality further.

A custom typeface also can reveal a lot about your company’s personality. It should represent your style while also emphasizing how you want to be viewed by your target audience. Would you like to come across as formal or as an informal? Whatever method you use, it should depict something about you. In this way, the audience and the customers will feel connected to you and your company. For example, if you are a company that sells stationary objects, your logo should not be a color of black or a mixture of grey and black. Your logo must depict colors and should look lively to the audience.

Stability in the Advertisements

It’s critical to establish a distinct brand identity; consumers should be expected to recognize your work in both printed as well as electronic media. Using custom typeface to achieve accuracy has been one of the simplest approaches to do so. You need people to understand who wrote everything you publish. If you do not mention your name, the audience should able to recognize your font and the style you use. In this case, the color scheme is just as important as the font itself, particularly for web fonts that are constrained by standard character sets. If the audience is not able to recognize you when you do not mention your name, then you have to do more work on yourself.

Saves money

Most of the brand owners think that hiring someone to make a logo for their company will be beneficial for them. It can be, but if you take the things smartly. When you make the loo, you will have to spend a handsome amount of money to legalize it or own it for your company. But, when you create your own typeface, you will enjoy the benefits in the long run because the money is required just in the initial process.

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