What do the different bb pellets weight mean?

What do the different bb pellets weight mean?

Getting hit by an airsoft round stings like a pinch. You are lucky if your setup is complete with an airsoft mask, light body armor, knee pads, and elbow pads. Some people even add extra layers to their armor for extra protection.

However, we want to clear out that playing airsoft is safe. You only have to follow some basic protective procedures like covering your eyes with ballistic goggles. Additionally, going into an airsoft battle with armor suitable for motorbike races is enough. 

Whatever you choose to wear, you now might be curious about the different BB pellet types.

How to Create Makeshift Armor for Playing Airsoft Gun Matches

You probably watched Iron man or even researched body armor. There’s a guy from the West who hand-crafted ballistic armor from a cake layer made with a coke formula. It is outstandingly unique and versatile that drill bits cannot breach the helmet’s shell. 

To be able to understand how to protect yourself from BB rounds, you first need to learn about its basics. Protecting yourself from BB Pellets from only bb guns is crucial to the outer layers of your skin. You do not really wanna go home after an airsoft gunfight with multiple itchy wounds from airsoft BBs. It is an irritating experience. 

If you want to create your makeshift airsoft armor, we recommend some household materials made from rubber. You see, rubber-based materials like your mouse pad, placemat, and rubber rags can absorb and propagate the impact of BB rounds. If you use these as rubber pads to reinforce a solid layer, you have an armor layer that can dissipate the force of BB pellets.

As a general idea, we all know that the armor worn by motorbike riders is also effective. These suits of body armor are made from different types of plastic. Creating your anti-airsoft BB armor is possible if you choose to recycle plastic-based materials. Some examples are cases from old DVDs, facemask laminates, and old plastic containers which are microwaveable. The only requirement is that you have to cut and mold your parts precisely to follow the contours of your body.

Now that you probably have a plastic rubber combination for your body armor’s outer shell, you may now add the pads that will cushion your body parts. We recommend that you apply any type of soft foam. Some examples are silicon-based coverings, foam from your pillows, and the foam you use for washing dishes. Whatever you choose, you probably get the concept. Adding internal foaming pads will prevent your armor parts from scratching your skin. 

Different BB Pellet Weights: What does each BB weight mean?

Suppose you have succeeded in creating your body armor, it is crucial to learn about the different weights of BB pellets. You will have a basic understanding of airsoft gun ballistics and probably create improved body armor. 

Standard Weight BB Pellets (0.12 – 0.20 grams)

The standard BB pellet weight is between 0.12 – 0.20 grams. These rounds are made from seamless plastic and measure from the typical 0.6 mm – 0.8 mm diameter. Both the weight and size of a BB round affect its trajectory, velocity, and force required to propel them out of the barrel. The standard BB pellet is typically used with AEGs, NBBs, and Springers.

Middleweight BB Pellets (0.20 – 0.28 grams)

Middleweight BB Pellets weigh between 0.20 – 0.28 grams. These types of BB pellets are compatible with either a close or long-range target. It means that middleweight BBs can perform well whether you shoot at a close-range target or use them against a target a few meters away.

Heavyweight BB Pellets (0.30 – 0.40 grams)

From ballistic principles, firing a slug with more weight requires a powerful propelling force. It also requires a longer barrel. The weight affects how much a projectile impacts a target from a distance. This is why heavyweight BB pellet rounds are mostly used for shooting at long-range targets. They have enough flight stability and would accurately hit a target when fired with high-powered AEGs.


Playing airsoft simulates real-life combat. Imagine running through rough and difficult terrain looking to shoot at members of the opposing squad. There are many BB pellet weights to consider. Learning about each of them will help you understand their application and proper use while playing airsoft games.

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