What Exactly Is a Vacuum Drying Oven?

What Exactly Is a Vacuum Drying Oven

Vacuum drying ovens are not your typical, run-of-the-mill oven that you find in a kitchen. Vacuum ovens are specialized equipment often used in engineering, industry, and laboratory research.

These ovens are often used for delicate drying processes such as removing flammable solvents or ensuring tiny parts are dried. They are used when drying is needed, but heat isn’t possible.

Keep reading to learn all the ins and outs of the vacuum drying oven and if you need to consider one.

How Does a Vacuum Drying Oven Work?

A vacuum dryer uses vacuum pumps to reduce the pressure and humidity within the vacuum drying chamber. This lowers the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber, allowing materials inside to dry more quickly.

Drying, scientifically speaking, is the process of removing water molecules from surrounding materials. This is usually done by heating up an object, causing the water molecules to become vapor.

Sometimes air drying is used, using air moving across the surface of an object to transform the water into a gaseous state.

The vacuum drying process creates a low-pressure atmosphere, reducing the boiling point of water. This increases the rate of evaporation of the water.

Some of the advantages to using vacuum drying include the lack of heat so heat-sensitive materials are dried without affecting their chemical or physical properties.

Vacuum drying can be controlled to very precise settings, and the lack of oxygen during vacuum drying reduces the chances of substance oxidation.

Areas of Applications

Many industries utilize vacuum drying.

The food industry uses vacuum drying for the storage and transportation of fresh vegetables and fruits. By shipping them in a container void of moisture evaporation, the fruits and veggies stay fresher, longer.

The cannabis industry has begun using vacuum drying for many of the same benefits.

Electronics and their components are often vacuum dried. This method is most often used for drying coils and cables.

Machine and metal components are also often vacuum dried. This method of drying allows for uniform drying of the inside components.

When and Where to Buy a Vacuum Oven

A quality vacuum oven is a big investment, with prices that range from $1,000 all the way up to $15,000 (depending on the size of the oven chamber).

Companies that specialize in scientific equipment are the best bet for finding high-quality vacuum drying units. Be sure to do your homework and find the best value vacs before making that purchase.

Consider a Vacuum Oven for Delicate Drying Needs

If you work in an industry that handles materials that can be damaged by traditional heat drying, or need an instrument that provides precision drying for delicate objects, you should consider a vacuum drying oven.

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