What Exactly Is Salesforce NPSP and What Are the Benefits?

What Exactly Is Salesforce NPSP and What Are the Benefits?

Why do nonprofits need Salesforce data integration? After all, they’re not businesses and they don’t sell anything. But at its core, Salesforce is a customer relationship management tool. And just as businesses build relationships with their clients, your nonprofit organization must nurture relationships with its donors and constituents.

Salesforce NPSP is a robust CRM tool that supports multiple aspects of your nonprofit’s mission. Thanks to its key features, it can help your organization create donor-centric experiences, increase engagement and improve fundraising performance.

Insights Salesforce NPSP Can Provide Into Your Constituents

Simply put, NPSP stands for “Nonprofit Success Pack.” It’s a collection of managed packages from Salesforce that’s available for free from the Salesforce App Exchange. This particular pack includes several unique modules:

  • Recurring Donations
  • Relationships
  • Affiliations
  • Contacts & Organizations
  • Household

Salesforce NPSP is one vital piece of nonprofit data management best practices. It uses a relationship-first approach, helping nonprofits manage their relationships with constituents. Users accomplish this goal with the pack’s key features: donor, donation, volunteer, engagement and campaign management plus analytics tools.

Together, NPSP’s features can provide more complete pictures of individual donors and constituents as a whole. Donor and volunteer management provide critical details about donors and volunteers – their ages, skillsets, response to campaigns, and causes they wish to support.

But engagement management is a core piece of the pack. It shows you deeper insights into how donors, volunteers and other constituents interact with your organization. If most of your volunteers lack event planning skills, for instance, you can use this information to attract more people with this skillset. Analytics provide more useful information for each department – who seeks assistance from your nonprofit, which programs serve them, what specific needs you fill for them, and so forth.

How To Easily Export All of Your Salesforce Data Using Omatic Cloud

Salesforce NPSP helps improve data management for nonprofits in several ways. Tracking the most relevant data and knowing how that data is used are both critical. But integrating with apps, plugins and other tools is another important part of the picture. One excellent example is Omatic, one of the best nonprofit software solutions available.

Specifically designed for social good organizations, Omatic’s tools consistently receive four- and five-star ratings for their data importing and cleanup. Salesforce NPSP integration with Omatic Cloud unifies disconnected data and cuts down on duplicates. Omatic Cloud Data Manager is key to this process, automatically importing information from source files. Its accessible user-friendly interface anyone in your organization to import data, not just your super tech-savvy employees and volunteers.

Salesforce NPSP With Omatic

Salesforce NPSP offers many excellent benefits to nonprofit organizations. And when paired with integration solutions such as Omatic, you get the most complete and accurate constituent data. Together, these powerful tools save you time. They can also help you provide a donor-centric experience. And if you’re using multiple CRM solutions – like Salesforce NPSP and Blackbaud – Omatic seamlessly integrates from all of them. Ultimately, these tools enable you to make critical decisions about donor campaigns, community engagement and other important functions.

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