What food do you bring to a Picnic?

What food do you bring to a Picnic

You have got the food, the location, and some good people. Some good picnic basket sets are all that stands between you and a fantastic outdoor supper. Fill a decent wicker hamper or a canvas tote bag with these picnic basics and you’ll be ready for any adventure.

Summer is the ideal season to go outside and explore parks, go hiking, or simply rest by the lake. But, what should you carry with you when you go exploring? Continue reading to discover how to pack a healthful (and safe) picnic basket. You can also get help from Pro-Direct.

  • Consider the following healthy picnic basket ideas:

Healthy and nutritious Breakfast ideas:

  • Yoghurt cups and homemade granola are two options.
  • Pack whole wheat English muffins that have been smeared with natural peanut butter.
  • Take fresh fruit such as bananas, apples, peaches, or pears, as well as fruit cups packed in water or mild syrup.
  • Make individual servings of low-fat milk.

Ideas for a healthy lunch or supper

  • In a plastic or glass container, layer the ingredients for a hardy salad. The dressing should be at the bottom, followed by veggies such as sliced cucumbers and carrots. Following that, add chickpeas, edamame, or chopped hard-boiled eggs. Top with salad leaves and pumpkin seeds to finish! Shake well before serving, then serve with pita wedges on the side.
  • For a fantastic new sandwich concept, add a flavour twist: Wrap cooked chicken, red onion, and mixed greens in whole wheat tortillas with mango slices.
  • Cold pasta salad with cooked chicken, beef, shrimp, or tofu is delicious. To add flavour and colour, add your favourite veggies.

Ideas for healthy snacks

  • Try trail mix with fresh fruit.
  • Bring prepared veggies to dip in bean hummus.
  • Put whole wheat crackers in a bag for tuna mini sandwiches.
  • Bring dried fruit as a quick and convenient choice.
  • Fill reusable water bottles with cucumber or lemon slices.

Healthy Desserts ideas

  • Consider a light cookie or a low-fat brownie.
  • Fresh fruit can be added to a milk-based pudding.

Remember to appropriately pack perishable items for a picnic.

  • Perishable items such as meats, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy products should be packaged in a secure manner.
  • Perishable items should be stored in an insulated cooler bag with frozen packs. You may also use frozen water bottles or juice cartons as freezer packs.
  • Consume perishable items first, while they are still cold.
  • When travelling to your destination, keep the cooler out of the sun and in the coldest section of your car.
  • In the summer, throw out any perishable goods that have been left out at room temperature for more than two hours. Food that has rotted does not always seem, smell, or taste terrible — if in doubt, throw it out!

Suggestions for avoiding cross-contamination

  • Separately pack meals and snacks in your picnic basket. Reusable plastic or glass containers, as well as zipper plastic bags, should be used.
  • Coolers and cooler bags should be washed with hot soapy water and/or sanitised with a mild bleach solution (1 tsp of bleach per 3 cups of water).
  • Rinse your hands often with soap. When you don’t have access to freshwater or soap, have a hand sanitiser gel on hand.

Don’t forget to clean up: 

Bring a couple of waste bags with you so that you may leave your picnic spot as clean and litter-free as you found it. Eco-friendly picnic items, such as Susty Party’s biodegradable plates, glasses, and napkins, will make your picnic even greener.

Some other essentials to especially pack in your picnic basket are:

  • Frozen Bottles of Water
  • Corkscrew/Bottle Opener
  • Wet Wipes
  • Salt and Pepper
  • A Tray
  • Serving Spoons
  • Folding Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • A radio or music system of any kind.
  • An unruly dog (or kids).
  • Unless allowed, candles, portable barbecues or any other fire risk.

Have fun!

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