What Happens When Someone Gets Bailed Out of Jail?

Today, there are 2 million Americans in prisons and jails. And not everyone deserves to be there.

If someone you loved has been incarcerated, then you’ll want to bail them out. Just one night in jail can be unbearable, so you want to get them out ASAP.

Do you need to bail someone out? Then keep reading. Here’s what happens when someone gets bailed out of jail.

Starting the Bail Process

To bail someone out of jail, you’ll first need some key pieces of information. You need to gather:

  • Their full name
  • Their date of birth
  • 3 references

You’ll also need to provide the jail with your employment information and occupation, as well as your email address, physical address, and phone number.

At this point, you’ll want to hire a bail bondsman like Bail 2 GO. They can make the situation go a whole lot smoother.

Bailing Someone Out

When you speak to a bail bondsman, they’ll tell you what your options are. Usually, clients go for surety bonds, which is where you only pay a percentage of the bail amount up front. Other options are cash or property bonds.

Then, you’ll work out a payment plan with the bondsman, which makes for affordable bail bonds.

If you’re wondering what bail vs bond is, here’s the difference: bail is the amount your loved one needs to pay to get out of jail. The bond is what the bondsman pays on their behalf to secure their release.

What Happens After Someone’s Bailed Out?

Once the bail’s been posted, your loved one is free to go from jail. This means you can drive straight over to pick them up after they’re released.

This doesn’t mean they’re completely free though. Depending on the crime, they might have to follow certain rules set forth by the judge while out on bail. They also still have a court date they need to attend; the court might not contact them to remind them of the court date, so it’s entirely their responsibility to be there on time.

If they fail to show up, then the court will forfeit the bail bond. This means you’ll lose all the money you’ve paid the bondsman. This can also lead to an arrest warrant for skipping bail.

If you were able to pay the full amount of bail up front, then after your loved one’s gone to all their required court appearances, you’ll be refunded that amount, minus administrative fees.

Keep Your Loved Ones Out of Jail

If your loved one goes to jail, it can be a scary time. But if you can, take the opportunity to get them home by posting bail.

Now that you know how to do so, they’ll be bailed out in no time. Just make sure they stay out of trouble or else they risk getting thrown back in jail!

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