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What Is a Countertop Water Distiller: The Ins and Outs

What Is a Countertop Water Distiller The Ins and Outs

Do you drink distilled water? If not, you might actually be consuming unwanted chemicals, minerals, and contaminants.

Sounds unappealing, right? We agree. Thankfully, there’s a quick fix – a water distiller.

Keep reading for all that you need to know on how to distill water at home, where to buy distilled water, and why you should make a change. Plus, detailed instructions on how to use your own water distiller at home!

What Is Distilled Water?

Distilled water has been first boiled into steam, then condensed back into a liquid form in a separate container. Any impurities in the original water will remain in the starting container, as they are unable to transform into a gas.

This simple process delivers purified water free from most major contaminants.

Can You Drink Distilled Water?

Distilled water is perfectly safe to drink and free from contaminants like minerals, pesticides, and chemicals. In fact, it delivers an extremely fresh and neutral taste, thanks to the reduction in these elements.

To keep it fresh, distilled water should be stored in a glass container away from light.

Using Your Water Distiller

The easiest method for home distillation is using a countertop water distiller. These simple machines don’t take up much space and can quickly transform potentially contaminated tap water into clean, fresh, purified drinking water.

In most cases, you’ll simply need to plug your machine in, fill it, turn it on, and wait. Most models take four to six hours to complete a cycle, making them perfectly convenient to use while you sleep at night or are at work during the day.

As home distillation systems become more and more popular, many models are being sold with expanded reservoirs, holding up to 12 gallons. In some cases, these larger models can even be plumbed into your home’s appliances – making it easy to fill ice machines, in-refrigerator water storage containers, and even kitchen sinks.

Where to Buy Distilled Water

Once you’ve started distilling your own water at home, you’ll likely never buy another bottle! But, should you need to purchase some for backup, it won’t be hard to find. Most pharmacies and grocery stores carry it in bulk.

Just remember, you’ll need to store it properly to prevent contamination or changes in quality.

Drinking Distilled Water

Now that we’ve answered your burning questions like ‘what is distilled water’ and ‘can you drink distilled water’, you’re probably feeling motivated to switch out your daily drink of choice. And potentially not a moment too soon! Who knows what contaminants might be lurking in your home’s tap.

Using your home water distiller will also help you save money and reduce your contribution to the planet’s single-use plastic problem. So, it’s a win all around!

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