What Is A Penetration Test And Why Do I Need It

What Is A Penetration Test And Why Do I Need It

The advancement and evolution of technology have made it simple for hackers to access sensitive information from companies. Hackers tend to target weak points in the system before going about with their malicious injections. Organizations have become vigilant by developing several security policies and techniques that prevent internal and external intrusions.

One of the most effective security techniques used today is Penetration Testing. Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, helps identify security vulnerabilities through many processes, such as scanning. You might be wondering why you need to hire someone to hack into your system, but there are endless security benefits for pen-testing.

Here are some of the reasons why you need penetration testing:

To Identify Security Vulnerabilities.

The main reason for conducting penetration testing is to identify security vulnerabilities in information technology systems: penetration testing assesses information technology devices, such as computers and networks. The process entails hacking a web application to identify any open spots that you can use to inject malicious codes.

The attack methods used by pen testers to gain access includes SQL injections, script injection, script-site scripting, and the use of a backdoor. The testers, however, work on identifying the vulnerabilities and finding out the extent of damage the weaknesses can cause to the systems. For instance, professional hackers can try to compromise data or capture incoming traffic to see how easy or challenging it can be.

To Assess The Effectiveness Of The Current Security Strategies And Policies

Pen testing is conducted when the Organization’s security team wants to assess evaluate the performance of the security policies and processes. Organizations often implement security policies and techniques to develop the most effective approach for testing purposes. The information security team conducts a penetration test that provides feedback on its effectiveness to know if the security technique is effective. With the rate at which cyber security threats are increasing, organizations are not taking any chances but ensuring the protocol in place is the best. If vulnerabilities are detected, the Organization opts for a change or an upgrade.

To Assess The Companies Adherence To Security Compliance Regulations

With the increasing nature of cyber security regulation, the government must test whether the company is compliant. Some compliance regulations include Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ( HIPAA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Security. Auditors also consider conducting a penetration test that confirms whether the company is compliant with the laws or not. Also, the process evaluates whether the company has put security measures in place to protect the privacy and confidentiality of employees.

Today most organizations conduct penetration testing for compliance purposes compared to other reasons. Conducting penetration testing for compliance purposes helps an organization use the feedback to make security advancements in the future.

For Education And Training Purposes

Security education and training are essential processes that enlighten staff members on the importance of security protocol. The feedback collected from penetration testing is used in educating employees on the need for security practices, especially the use of complex passwords and data backup. Also, staff and the security team are educated on different types of security vulnerabilities and how to protect systems from such exposures. Education creates awareness about cyber security and the need to protect sensitive data from hackers. The information prepares the team with the necessary security skills in case of a cyber threat.

To Implement Security Program

The results derived from penetration testing is used in making cyber security decision that will protect the Organization’s information system in the future. The information security team comes up with new policies and strategies that are more effective than the current to offer extra security. Also, the Organization uses the information to plan and make Investments in advanced security programs.

To Tell In Advance The Potential Loss Of The Vulnerability Could Cause To The Organization

It is crucial to predict the loss caused by an intrusion through the available vulnerabilities. The penetration test results play a critical role in planning, especially financially and hiring specialized security personnel. The figures collected are used to prepare in advance and determine how the loss can impact the Organization, especially financially. More research is also recommended, especially in developing advanced security programs that will prevent such a loss.

A quality penetration test would save your Organization from incoming security threats and risks, which may cost your Organization substantial financial and data loss. Hire an ethical hacker today and save yourself from investing in ineffective security methods that will not effectively protect your Organization’s from cyber intrusion.

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