What Is An OCR and Why Should Business Owners Know?

What Is An OCR and Why Should Business Owners Know

Filing forms, signing documents, entering data, organizing reports—these are all essential aspects of running a business, and if any of them are out of place, a domino effect will be set off.

There is a piece of technology that can essentially prevent that, though: OCR.

Of course, if you are still worried about those data entry catastrophes, it’s not likely you are familiar with that! So let’s answer the question, “What is an OCR?”

What Is an OCR?

Standing for Optical Character Recognition, OCR is a type of technology that turns physical copies of printed text into digital copies of the same item that are editable when needed.

A simple way to think of it is that the technology creates a portable scanner out of a device that is equipped with a scanner. This is the starting point.

After the initial scan, a specialized software process begins by utilizing OCR with c# code libraries. This process allows for the device to block out all the content on the document and recreate it, properly creating a digital copy.

The Benefits of OCR for Business

Utilizing OCR technology will allow for benefits across all areas of business operation, from saving money to offering higher levels of customer service.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Businesses, no matter what field they are, have large numbers of paperwork and information that they need to keep track of. By creating digital copies using OCR, organization and efficiency will increase greatly

Data entry will be reduced by using digital input, and when information is needed from a database, it can be pulled by a search query.

Improvement of Customer Service

One of the top requests of any customer is speed. Whatever they need, they need it immediately. With OCR-created documents, the database will be able to immediately pull up information based on their requests.

Additionally, if a variety of services are needed, say when dealing with insurance claims or banking needs, forms and information can be filed in their individual formats and then all compiled in a way the customer understands.

Accuracy and Productivity

A work environment with this technology in place is far easier for the employees to get their workflow going.

They can easily access any information on the go and make changes as they work, attending to higher numbers of clients. The access and utility of data are far higher, leading to better control of needed data as well.

Major Fields Taking Advantage of OCR Technology

The strong benefits of OCR implementation can be seen in a couple of primary organizations taking advantage of the technology. Let’s take a quick look at them.


With the tremendous amount of paperwork that is required in the banking world, OCR technology is becoming more and more popular. Mobile apps for customers make simple bank transactions that much easier.

Any bank service can be completed, digitized, and then stored in one fell swoop. Then these documents can be recalled and edited at any time, as needed.

Healthcare Services

Data accuracy in the medical field is essential for providing quality care for patients. Any documents, handwritten or otherwise, can be automatically collected and added into an active database.

After being collected, they can be reviewed at any time and edited if even the smallest error is found.

If records are collected via OCR technology, they can easily be found in a searchable database. The treatment routine can be changed just as prescriptions.

Data Best Managed and Best Served

We have answered the important question, “What is an OCR?” The benefits offered to any business are quite clear. There are countless ways to implement the technology, and that will be the next move towards success!

If you found this helpful today, be sure to check back in for more topics in the world of technology and more!

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